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Stephen J. Phillips

As a third-generation trial lawyer in the Phillips family, Stephen knows well the importance of protecting the rights of those who have been wronged by powerful corporations and by negligent individuals. His commitment to helping the injured and their families is instantly recognizable.

What if I am partially at fault for my personal injury case?

Illinois has what’s called comparative fault and what happens is the jury looks at 100 of the fault and says...
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Could I Have A Personal Injury Case If I Do Not Feel Hurt After A Car Accident?

If you’re injured or you think you’re injured in an accident or collision you should call us at Phillips law...
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What if my insurance company is not treating me fairly after a car accident or Personal Injury?

Insurance companies not treating people fairly when they paid premiums for months or years prior to an accident is something...
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How long does it take to settle a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases in Illinois vary in terms of the time to resolve some cases may take a couple of...
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What If I Had Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Before My Personal Injury Case?

Illinois law says that the plaintiff is taken as they come and even if you have a pre-existing condition or...
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What evidence is needed to support my personal injury case?

 There are really two types of evidence in a personal injury car crash or car collision case, there’s what’s...
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Phillips Law Offices obtained a record 9.6-million-dollar settlement for a one-arm amputation injury

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