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$5 Million Settlement Successfully Obtained in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Phillips Law Offices Obtains $5 Million Settlement for Wife of Deceased Truck Driver

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

After three years of hard-fought litigation, and a two (2) day jury trial in the Federal Court in South Bend (Northern District of Indiana), Stephen Phillips of Phillips Law Offices is pleased to report that we successfully obtained a $5 million settlement against a confidential trucking company for the negligent death of 53-year-old man who died in a horrific trucking collision.

Early in the case, the defendants admitted liability, but heavily disputed the extent of our client’s damages. Our client had been married to the decedent for 25 years. They lived a life of service for others and the decedent was the sole breadwinner of the couple.

The settlement was finalized after closing arguments during trial. The case was finally dismissed on October 27, 2021.

Stephen Phillips credits attorneys Terry Quinn and his son, Stephen J. Phillips, for the case workup from the outset and all the way through trial. Notably, the trial was seamless in its “post-covid” adherence to safety guidelines and protocols. All of the jurors voiced confidence in the legal system and had no hesitation to serve because of Covid. In fact, other than masking and social distancing, trial proceeded as any other case would.

At the beginning of trial, the defense offered 2 million dollars to settle the case. Only after evidence and closing arguments did the defense see the enormous loss of this man to his spouse and offer the 5 million dollars that settled the case.


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