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Common Back Injuries from Car Accidents

After a car collision, neck and back injuries are frequent, but they can be challenging to establish. Insurance adjusters might not think that your discomfort is genuine or that the accident is to blame. It can be uncomfortable, stressful, and unbearable to have lower back discomfort. You might lose part of your mobility; for instance, it will be difficult to lean over or bend your back as much as possible before the injury. If the pain or injury is left untreated after car accidents, it will result in major back issues. If you are facing the issue, it is best to connect with a car accident Attorney, who will assist you in getting the required claim.

Our team of attorneys is available to provide free legal advice on your case if you are considering filing a claim. They might put you in touch with a lawyer from our panel if they believe your claim has a strong chance of succeeding.

How can car accident lead to back injury or damage?

An automobile collision frequently indicates that your vehicle has been subjected to force. Your neck and back move backward and forward by force during the car collision, frequently brought on by another vehicle colliding with yours. Lower back discomfort may come from this straining of the back’s muscles and ligaments.

Examples of how someone else’s irresponsibility could lead to a car accident include:

  • Rear-end Collision- These are frequently the fault of the driver who was following because they neglected to maintain a secure stopping distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Side-Impact Collision- If a car pulls out of a side road without looking, an accident of this nature might occur.

Common Types of Back Injury or Damage after a car accident

People may face different types of back injuries after a car accident. Some of these are-

  • Whiplash- Whiplash is the most frequent neck damage suffered in a car collision. It happens when the head is abruptly yanked back and forth. An injury to the whiplash can result in discomfort, stiffness, and headaches.
  • Fractured Vertebrae Spinal Cord Injury– Most spinal cord injuries are caused by trauma to the vertebral column and involve fractured vertebrae. Car accidents are the main cause of spine injuries in people under 65. A full spinal cord injury completely disrupts motor and sensory function below the lesion site. Functionality is only partially impacted by incomplete spinal cord damage.
  • Lower back pain Discogenic- Any pain connected to the spinal discs is called “discogenic pain.” The discomfort that results from a damaged disc or discs can be excruciating. A vehicle accident or other acute trauma can cause discogenic pain, which can also develop as the health of the spinal discs deteriorates over time.
  • Damaged Back- A fractured back can result in paralysis and is a severe injury. When one or more vertebrae are broken, it happens. Muscles and tendons that link the neck to the spinal cord can also become damaged.
  • Facet joint injuries to the spine- The weight and movement between the spinal vertebrae get support from the facet joints. To reach other body parts, nerves pass through these joints. They may occasionally be irritated. Muscle spasms are a typical indication of this; they are a defensive response to inflammation. Spasming can hurt and dislocate the spine from its original position. A sudden and temporary paralysis could also occur; for instance, you might find that you cannot straighten your back after bending over.

Treatment for Back Injury due to Car Accident

Back Injuries from Car Accidents

The treatment for a back injury after a car accident depends on the severity of the problem. For instance-

  • For Whiplash – Chiropractic therapy, heating pads or ice packs, and over-the-counter pain relievers are common.
  • Herniated Discs- Treatment options for herniated discs frequently include medication, physical therapy, and massage. In some circumstances, surgery may also be a possibility.
  • Sprain/Strain Injuries- Treatment options for sprain/strain injuries may include muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory drugs. Typically, physical therapy is advised to aid in the recovery process.

Seeking Legal Help

It is crucial to get medical assistance immediately if you have been hurt in a vehicle accident and are exhibiting any symptoms.

You can also hire a personal injury lawyer to collect a settlement for your injuries. You can better grasp your options and obtain just compensation with an experienced auto accident attorney. Phillips Law Offices in Illinois offer complete assistance to get back injury claims.

However, if you wish to claim for lower back pain following a car accident, you must have enough proof to show that the negligence of another road user brought on the injury. Although you can file a claim directly, we advise using a solicitor because they have expertise in filing personal injury cases. When you make a back injury claim, they can assist you in gathering proof.

A personal injury lawyer will help with-

  • Assessing your rights
  • Calculating your losses
  • Identifying liable parties

What legal help will you get under Back Injury Lawsuit?

It might be challenging to demonstrate certain back injuries in court. X-rays and other forms of diagnostic imaging testing cannot reveal “soft-tissue” back ailments like back sprains. However, court-ordered monetary damages awards are typically used to compensate for back injuries sustained in auto accidents. If you were involved in a car accident and sustained a back injury, we at Phillips Law Officers through our personal injury attorney might be able to assist you in recovering the following expenses:

  • Medical costs, such as hospital bills and the price of prescription painkillers
  • Distress and suffering
  • Lost wages if the back problem prevents one from working

Hire Our Personal Injury Attorney In Chicago For Your back Injury Settlement From Car Accident

Our Chicago Car Accident Laywers are here to answer your inquiries about filing a claim if you had back discomfort following an automobile accident. If your back injury after a vehicle accident claim seems valid, you might be put in touch with one of our attorneys at Phillips Law Offices. If the case does not go to court, a knowledgeable attorney can also assist in reaching a settlement with the defendant. Do connect with us now!

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