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Speeding Accident Lawyer

Speed limits, often displayed on a traffic sign, indicate the maximum permitted speed in a specific zone. Speeding is when a person drives faster than the authorized speed limit of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this act of aggressive driving is dangerous and could cause severe fatalities. Beyond merely breaking the law, there are far-ranging and life-threatening repercussions of exceeding speed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding killed over 11,000 people in 2020. If you or a loved one suffered substantial losses in speeding-related collisions, consider consulting a speeding accident lawyer at Phillips Law Offices. Our skilled attorney will defend your legal rights and help prove your case, securing fair compensation.

Risks associated with speeding

Speeding Accident
Speeding Accident Lawyer

Speeding is an aggressive driving behavior that has significant potential risks. No matter how fast you drive or how far you travel, the time saved by speeding is minimal. The time spent dealing with being pulled over by a cop for speeding, paying off, or disputing a speeding ticket can add up long after you’ve been penalized for the incident. Eventually, hurrying on the road is hazardous to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If you tend to speed, you should know why reckless driving is dangerous.

Losing control

Drivers might find it harder to control their vehicles, particularly in adverse weather conditions or on roads with sharp turns. As a result, it increases the chances of accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the road.

Reduced reaction time

When drivers accelerate their vehicles at high speed, their brain has less time to process information and make decisions. Speeding affects their ability to react to sudden changes in road conditions or other drivers’ actions.

Longer braking distance

The faster you drive, the longer it takes for your car to stop. It is because the vehicle has more momentum and requires more force to slow down or stop. So, when speeding, you should apply brakes earlier and more forcefully to avoid a collision.

Enhances crash severity

Speeding increases the severity of accidents because the impact is forceful and intensive. A vehicle traveling at high speeds has more kinetic energy, which gets transferred to other objects in the event of a collision. Consequently, it causes more damage to the vehicles involved, severe injuries, or even death of the occupants.

Law enforcement

Driving a vehicle above the posted speed limit is an offense as it involves breaking the law. The severity and impact of the traffic violation vary depending on the jurisdiction, speed, and any other mitigating factors involved in the situation. Generally, penalties for speeding can include fines, points on a license, increased insurance rates, or even suspended driving privileges.

Why do people drive at high speed?

Despite knowing that speeding endangers everyone on the road, many people indulge in aggressive driving. Unfortunately, it significantly increases the severity of injuries sustained in a crash, often leading to lifelong disabilities or even death. Several factors that contribute to an overall rise in speeding habits include the following:

  • People may feel rushed to get to an appointment, work, date, or family function.
  • Some drivers enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with driving at high speeds.
  • Drivers may become irritated by slow-moving traffic.
  • They are overconfident in their driving abilities and do not believe they will get caught.
  • To stay ahead of friends or peers who are driving aggressively.
  • Consider driving to be a form of recreation.
  • Unaware of the speed limit or the dangers of driving too fast.

A vehicle rushing on the road can cause a fatal accident within a second. People should understand the ramifications of speeding and do the right thing for themselves and others. They should follow the traffic rules, drive within the posted speed limit, and prioritize safety. If you find yourself hurrying from place to place all the time, give yourself more time for travel. Otherwise, you might feel pressure while driving and not be able to resist the urge to accelerate quickly. Besides departing early, check the local weather and traffic reports before you leave for a destination. With these reports, you can determine how much time you will require to reach your scheduled place. Additionally, you can skip paying costly fines and penalties by practicing safe driving.

Establishing liability in speeding accidents

Speeding car accidents can cause financial devastation to the negligent driver and any victim that sustains injuries due to the incident. If you suffered losses or your loved one died because of someone speeding on the road, you have the legal right to seek restitution for those damages. However, it requires you to prove the liability and responsibility of the offender. To do so, you may have to undergo the following steps

  • Obtain a copy of the official police report, in which the officer may express an opinion on whether or not speeding caused the accident.
  • Find out if the other party received a speeding ticket from the police officer.
  • Look for eyewitnesses and investigate the incident independently to identify who was at fault.
  • Hire an expert in accident reconstruction who can illustrate from the forensic evidence of the collision whether or not one of the drivers drove their respective vehicle faster than the speed limit.

Generally, the driver speeding during the collision is responsible for the accident. It is because speeding is a negligent act that violates the driver’s responsibility to operate their vehicle safely and as per the law. However, other parties who may have played a part in the collision, like a pedestrian who crossed the street erratically or another driver who made a sudden lane change, may also bear some of the blame. In such circumstances, if more than one driver was speeding at the time of the accident, liability is multiple, shared by those individuals.

Investigations by law enforcement personnel and insurance companies frequently determine who is at fault in a speeding accident. Typically, liability depends on variables like the speed of the involved vehicles, applicable traffic laws,  road conditions, and any witness statements or other evidence that could provide insight into what caused the accident.

After negligence determination, the party or parties that caused the accident may be liable for any resulting losses. The compensation value includes all costs associated with the accident, such as lost wages, medical bills, property damage, rehabilitation costs, vehicle repairs, and emotional trauma.

How to attain compensation after a speeding car accident?

Speeding Accident lawyer
Speeding Accident Lawyer

The priority in a speeding car accident is to seek medical attention and report the incident to the concerned authority. If losses suffered are causing a financial burden, consult with a speeding accident lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. They can help you understand your rights and find a suitable way to obtain compensation. Victims can pursue compensation primarily in two ways after a car accident caused by speeding.

Insurance Company Settlement

After a speeding vehicle accident, contacting the insurance provider for the party at fault is typically the victim’s first option for seeking compensation. However, insurance companies might not offer victims fair reimbursement packages immediately after an accident. Never allow the insurance company to record a conversation or give them access to your medical history. They may try to avoid making full and fair settlement payments by intimidating accident victims who have suffered losses and injuries. Your attorney can help you negotiate a fair amount, covering your economic and non-economic damages.

Litigation compensation

A speeding accident victim has the legal right to file a claim in court to seek compensation for any losses and injuries if an insurance company fails to make a fair and just settlement. However, making a personal injury case for a speeding-related auto accident can be difficult and complex. There are also deadlines by which a victim must file a lawsuit in court for a personal injury claim, failing which the victim forfeits the legal right to do so. Additionally, a court may add punitive damages to punish the speeding driver if their reckless and careless actions were particularly egregious and dangerous.

In most accident cases, going for a trial is not necessary because the insurance companies may offer you a settlement to resolve the claim. A speeding accident lawyer often negotiates with the company to obtain the maximum funds. However, if the final offer from the insurance isn’t acceptable, the attorney will advise you to file a lawsuit and prepare you for the trial. Eventually, the role of a lawyer is significant to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Contact Our Speeding Accident Lawyer at Phillips Law Offices

Establishing liability, responsibility, and negligence in a car accident where speeding was a contributing factor is challenging. Consider hiring a speeding accident lawyer at Phillips Law Offices if you sustained any damages or injuries due to the collision. Our attorney can help develop a compelling personal injury case to obtain the compensation that you deserve. We will first evaluate your case and gather evidence to prove liability in your specific car accident case.

In most speeding cases, liability is clear-cut. For instance, if a speeding car crossed the red light and caused a collision with another vehicle, the driver would likely be liable for any injuries and damages resulting from the accident. However, the case becomes more complicated when both drivers share some responsibility for the speeding accident. Other factors, such as road conditions or weather, also play a role in many incidents. Regardless of the complications, our experienced attorney can guide you throughout the legal process.

We can help compile all necessary paperwork, submit claims,  negotiate with insurance companies, and provide legal representation in court. Remember, you can attain compensation only if you file your case within the statutory timeline. So, it is wise to act quickly after a car accident caused by speeding. Acknowledge your rights and explore legal options with us by contacting us now at (312) 598-0917!

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