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A road accident is the most unpleasant incident that a person might experience. Unfortunately, on-the-road mistakes are prevalent and could cause severe injuries or death. Most road users are familiar with the general traffic rules and safety measures, but accidents may happen because of their negligence. For instance, crashes occur due to over speeding, red light jumping, drunken driving, unprotected left turn, or other human error. And T bone accident is one of the results that is caused by human negligence.

What is a T bone accident? Among various road mishaps, T-bone accidents could also cause life-threatening consequences. It typically involves two vehicles and happens when both cars collide at a right angle, forming a “T” shape. Also referred to as a side-impact collision or broadside crash, they can happen anywhere. T-bone crashes can be exceptionally risky and frequently bring serious injuries.

In the annual report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, T-bone accidents account for nearly 20% of fatal collisions, outnumbering all other road crashes causing casualties.

Need legal support after a T-Bone collision? Let our T-Bone car accident lawyers fight for your rights at Phillips Law Offices. We can assist you with everything from filing claims to negotiating with insurance companies and attaining a fair settlement.

Occurrence of T Bone Accidents

T-Bone Car Accident injury lawyer
T Bone Collision

A “T bone collision” occurs when one vehicle directly collides with the side of another vehicle. This collision is so named because the two cars formed a “T” shape or perpendicular orientation. Most T-bone crashes happen at intersections when one car doesn’t give way to the oncoming vehicle. Drivers may become impatient or misjudge the positions of other conveyances and fail to yield. For instance, a car may ignore a red light or stop sign and slam into another vehicle. However, such accidents are not just common at intersections; they could occur anywhere. While there are numerous possibilities for this type of collision, the following are a few of the more common scenarios:

Merging crashes

When merging, a driver may fail to see or yield to another vehicle, causing a side-swipe collision. To ensure safety, you should always strive to be an attentive driver whenever driving on the road.

Illegal maneuver

The inability of other drivers to predict or respond to a driver performing an unlawful action (such as an illegal u-turn) can result in crashes. Mistakes committed while driving can result in fatal T bone car accidents.

Inclement weather conditions

Icy roads, dense fog, and heavy rain can all contribute to side-impact accidents. It is best to avoid driving in such conditions because it is dangerous. If unavoidable, you must exercise extreme caution. However, just because the weather was poor does not excuse a driver of responsibility.

Road conditions

Damaged road surfaces are prone to cause side-impact collisions if you do not drive attentively and at slower than usual speeds. Potholes can damage your vehicle’s tires, wheels, and even the suspension, potentially leading to life-threatening consequences.

Driving behavior

A broadside accident is also more likely when drivers behave carelessly or recklessly. The three riskiest behaviors that result in accidents are driving while intoxicated, distracted driving, and overspeeding.

Factors beyond poor driving

Factors like rash driving, poor road visibility, and speeding are the primary causes of T bone accidents. However, other factors beyond poor driving can enhance the risk. It includes unfortunate situations involving vehicle breakdowns while driving. The following are a few potential vehicle failures.

Defective car part

Faulty auto parts can result in T bone accidents. For instance, a collision may occur if the brakes fail at an intersection. It is hard to determine who is to blame in accidents caused by malfunctioning parts.

Faulty traffic infrastructure

Traffic infrastructure facilitates the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It prevents cars from colliding with one another at intersections. However, broken or missing traffic signals could lead to severe T-bone collisions.

Car tire burst

If the tire bursts, the car will abruptly lose control and may collide with other moving vehicles. Poor tire quality, a sharp object on the road, worn-out tread, or air inflation more than required can all cause car tires to burst.

Overloaded vehicle

Controlling an overloaded car on the road is difficult, especially at sharp turns and high speeds. Too much weight reduces braking ability and makes the vehicle take longer to stop. As a result, the driver is less able to respond to emergencies.

Injuries caused due to T bone accidents

For several reasons, T bone accidents are risky. When two cars collide side-on, the front of the oncoming vehicle strikes the side of the other conveyance. Most cars have limited safety features, and as a result, the occupants have little protection.

Even if your vehicle stands well-equipped, side airbags don’t always provide enough protection against injury. These factors make T-bone collisions potentially fatal and life-altering. However, the intensity of the injuries depends on the speed and size of the approaching vehicle. A big SUV, truck, or vehicle can be more dangerous for drivers, specifically to fully-exposed motorcycle riders. Eventually, injuries caused by such car accidents include:

  •  Brain stem injury
  •  Lower back problems
  •  Neck and head trauma
  •  Pelvic sprains
  •  Cardiovascular pain
  •  Internal bleeding
  •  Spinal cord injury
  •  Organ damage
  •  Burns and bruises
  •  Broken bones
  •  Limb amputation
  •  Disfiguring scars

Many of these damages heal with time after proper medical treatment. However, some injuries like paralysis or amputated body parts can lead to life-long physical and mental challenges. A person could undergo devastating changes in life because of them. You may be eligible for reimbursement if you have suffered severe injuries from a T-bone car accident. The compensation may include hospital bills, income loss, medications, therapies, pain, and suffering.

Prevention measures

The key to avoiding T-bone collisions is to drive attentively and consciously. Even with all of the risks on the road, adhering to traffic laws may help lower your risk of being involved in a collision. You should follow the right of way at every intersection and stop when necessary to avoid a side-impact collision. It necessitates paying attention to any potential turning or passing traffic from other vehicles. The most pivotal preventive measures needed to avoid car accidents are as follows:

  • Be aware of road safety.
  •  Maintain a distance from others.
  •  Do not drink and drive.
  •  Avoid any distractions while driving.
  •  Obey all traffic laws.
  •  Keep an eye out for diversion ahead signs
  •  Drive slowly on bad roads.
  •  Keep your vehicle in good condition.
  •  Install quality components.
  •  Add safety accessories like fog lights.

Determining liability in T bone accidents

T Bone Accidents lawyer

Broadside collisions often involve two drivers, and either one could be held accountable. Identifying the person responsible for this kind of accident is quite simple. For instance, the driver who made an illegal left turn or ran a stop sign is responsible for the collision. However, understanding what T-bone accident victims must prove to hold the other driver legally liable for a crash is necessary. To establish fault, a plaintiff must demonstrate the following points:

  1. The other driver had a responsibility to drive safely and exercise reasonable caution.
  2. According to the legal term “negligence,” the other driver’s action was less than what a prudent and reasonable person would have done in the same situation.
  3. The T-bone collision occurred directly because of the other driver’s carelessness.
  4. Damages resulted from the T-bone incident.

If an accident victim can prove these four elements, they can file a claim for compensation against the at-fault driver. However, there are certain circumstances where neither driver is at fault. For instance, if road design is poor, the local government might be to blame instead of the drivers. It includes situations like placing stop signs that are not visible or malfunctioning traffic signals. On the contrary, if a vehicle had a flaw that prevented one driver from being able to stop, the automaker might be responsible. In any case, a T bone accident lawyer can assist you in determining who may be legally liable for the collision.

Contact Our T Bone Accident Lawyer At Phillips Law Offices

As previously mentioned, T-bone collisions could occur when one driver overlooks another’s right-of-way. Failure to yield causes one to strike the other vehicle in a “T-boned” manner. When a collision occurs, it’s crucial to determine whether or not a driver’s negligence or carelessness contributed to it. If so, the negligent driver may be held accountable for emotional trauma and economic damages. However, some situations might not be as simple, particularly when involved with multiple vehicles. Additionally, a malfunctioning stop light or a hazardous road might be to blame for the car accident rather than a specific person. The first step in determining who is at fault in a side-impact collision is to hire a skilled personal injury attorney.

A lawyer can assist you in comprehending your options and rights in the complex legal system. Our proficient T-bone collision attorney at Phillips Law Offices can help you navigate the process and get the best possible result. We understand that injury claims can take time to resolve, and insurance companies may often try to underpay you to save money.

If you try to negotiate with the insurance companies by yourself, you may not receive the compensation you deserve. However, our attorney will fight for you to get the full extent of the damages. We ensure the settlement covers your hospital bills, future medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and long-term physical pain. So, if you or your loved one went through a side impact accident, go for a free case evaluation by our qualified legal advisors.

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