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Illinois Car Accident Attorneys

If we go according to the report from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Illinois has witnessed a 24% rise in car accident cases. In the first three months of 2022, the number of fatal car accidents nationwide went up a 20-year high, with an estimated 9,560 victims – a 7% increase over the same time in 2021 and the highest number since 2002.

In Illinois, where there were around 280 traffic fatalities in the first three months of the year, in 2021, there was a spike of 24%, and the spike was much more pronounced. Similarly, the report mentioned that accident cases due to speeding without a seatbelt increased in 2022. This increase in accidents also calls for an increased demand for car accident attorneys in Illinois. Phillips Law Office is one of the leading law firms, has skilled attorneys for car accidents in Illinois.

Even the safest drivers can have automobile accidents, which frequently happen in and around Illinois. There could be many reasons behind these accidents. Irrespective of the reasons, calling our car accident lawyer can help you with the compensation you face and want to return to your life.

You do not influence what negligent drivers do. But, following a crash, you can regain control of your life. The first step to recovery is to speak with a car accident lawyer in Illinois who will fight for your rights, secure the settlement, and assist in relieving your burdens.

Phillips Law Office’s personal injury attorneys carry years of expertise assisting injured people and their families in and around Illinois. As your attorney fights for your compensation, you can concentrate on getting back to the routine and taking a rest.

Our personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Office have firsthand experience of what an accident can do to the person and the family. We are certain that we will obtain the compensation you deserve because we have spent decades advocating for clients who have suffered harm in automobile accidents or who have lost loved ones in tragic car accidents caused by the negligence of others. In addition, our attorneys work hard to treat each client with the same respect, kindness, and empathy we would show a family member.

Common Injuries Due to Car Accidents in Illinois

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries to the person. From minor scrapes and bruises to severe, catastrophic injuries like paralysis or death, they can range in severity. Accident victims may sustain injuries to the head, including concussions or traumatic brain injuries, as well as neck and spine. It completely depends on how severe the accident took place. If the driver and other passengers aren’t wearing seatbelts, there is a high chance of facing severe injury. Besides physical harm, the patient may also face psychological harm and mental discomfort are common among car accident victims, and it can be just as painful as physical pain.

Some of the car accident Injuries are


Most bruises heal in a week or two. In a car accident, the seat belt may result in bruises while protecting you from more serious injuries.

Even though most bruises are unimportant, if you sustain one in a car accident, keep an eye on it. That could be a precursor to something worse. Some bruises might go deeper than the bone and be worse.

An accident victim’s bruise may indicate internal bleeding. If the bruise turns major, a more serious injury may be underneath. Pay close attention to any head bruising. These might indicate brain damage, which can get worse very quickly.

Scars and Disfiguration

Burns and facial injuries may leave disfiguring scars that alter a person’s look. They may require plastic and reconstructive surgery and never completely go away. If the auto accident sufferer is in any job where they must face clients daily, facial disfigurement may make it more difficult for them to find future employment.

Other long-term issues, such as depression and anxiety, might be brought on by scars. Some scars shrink as they heal, restricting motion in the afflicted area. There is a high chance of keloid developing from a scar. Scars are readily infected or inflamed throughout the healing process and require further medical care.

Broken Bones

A strong impact due to a car accident causes bone fractures, which are sometimes difficult to notice at the incident scene. Only later discomfort and other issues can warn you. There are internal injuries that may grow after a certain period. Other frequent injuries brought on by seat belts include chest injuries and broken ribs.

Facial wounds

Dealing with facial injuries can be challenging. The brain and other sense organs are in the face, which also gets affected. The eyes, mouth, nose, and ears also have delicate parts that are readily harmed, in addition to brain trauma. Some of the facial wounds you may face are:

Bone Fractures – Broken facial bones sometimes fail to heal properly, resulting in deformity.
Lacerations – Deep cuts to the face called lacerations may require stitches and result in permanent scarring.
Eye Injuries – Damage to the eyes by objects or blunt force might result in blindness.
Soft Tissue Injuries – Injury to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or other soft tissue can result in deformity and decreased function.
Burns – Severe burn injuries may necessitate skin grafting, discoloration, and scarring.

Neck Injuries

Neck injury is quite common in fatal car accidents. The muscles, cartilage, and other soft tissues of the neck can become injured when the body is jarred. Moreover, a swift forward-and-backward movement of the neck causes whiplash. The motion resembles the cracking of a whip. Whiplash or other injuries, though not always apparent, might take months to recover from or result in a lifetime of suffering.

Our head weighs around 11 pounds, and when you are driving, your head isn’t erect, it can feel like it weighs 60 pounds, which can lead to several neck ailments. Airbags and the steering wheel can also cause neck injuries that require medical attention.

Loss of Limbs

An automobile accident’s impact can completely amputate a limb or inflict such severe damage that it must be removed wholly or in part. When a limb is lost, costly rehabilitation and long-term and other assistive equipment are required. It may severely restrict your regular activities.

Hand and Wrist Injuries

When you encounter a car crash, your hand is highly likely to get seriously injured. The hand and wrist’s delicate bones are interconnected in a complicated way. When the wrist or hand injury is serious, you might require surgery, and while it recovers, you could lose a lot of functionality.

Leg And Foor Injury

Leg and foot injuries are quite common in car accidents. When a driver has their legs extended forward, the bones and soft tissues in their legs might bear the brunt of a forward collision, resulting in leg injuries. Like the hand, the foot is packed with tiny bones that are readily breakable or movable.

Brain Damage

Crashing into objects in a car can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Most TBIs are caused by falls, gunfire, and auto accidents. TBIs are infamously difficult to detect and diagnose. If you are facing memory loss, cognitive function, or physical health issues, it indicates a more serious brain injury.

TBIs, which include strikes to the head and penetrating wounds, are a type of head injury, with concussions being the mildest form of brain damage.

Post Traumatic Stress

The person may face shock due to a vehicle crash, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Every time you attempt to get into a car, your mind may flash the accident memory that can stress you. PTSD can hamper your capacity to perform the things you love. In addition, it may cause nightmares, difficulty sleeping, and other mental diseases, including depression. Car accidents can leave lasting psychological wounds, even without PTSD. In such cases, you need to speak with your psychologist or therapist.

In any of these cases, you will need to spend money on additional medication. You can claim compensation from the liable person or insurance company to recover the money. Phillips Law Office in Illinois can help you get compensation and overcome the health issues you face.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Illinois

Illinois has a bad reputation for fatal car accidents. Every year, there are thousands of cases where drivers and passengers face injuries due to car accidents. Even though the person may not lose their life, there is a devastating mental and physical effects due to injuries and impairments. These collisions and the injuries they inflict are frequently preventable because of careless driving habits.

An accident victim can more accurately identify the responsible party by knowing the cause of the collision. Knowing who is at fault for an automobile accident enables victims to seek compensation from the responsible party. Our Illinois automobile accident attorneys at Phillips Law Office are skilled at pinpointing the actual cause of your collision to establish that you are not to blame for it.

Some of the common reasons behind car accidents in Illinois are

Bad Road Conditions

Although bad road conditions resulting in car accidents are quite unavoidable. Pouring rain and slick roadways are outside of the control of drivers. Weather-related circumstances do, however, call for cautious driving. Drivers risk getting into car accidents when they ignore the bad road condition signals and still prefer rough driving.

Sometimes, poor maintenance or poor urban design results in dangerous roadways. Innocent drivers suffer when the accountable authority neglects to maintain or repair roads and traffic signs. Too many potholes can cause lower back pain issues to the driver and passengers.


Drivers traveling too fast have less time to react to potential risks that could result in a collision. Moreover, it lengthens the time a car must slow down before coming to a halt. Speeding raises the chances of a crash since the driver may not have control over the car leading to the severity of a crash and the possibility of suffering serious injuries. Higher impact forces result from faster-moving cars, which inflict more severe damage on those hurt in the collision. Other factors contributing to car accidents in Illinois include:

  • Tailgating other drivers.
  • Displaying road rage.
  • Failing to adapt driving techniques to the circumstances of the road.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic.

Other careless actions that result in accidents include running red lights or disregarding traffic signals.

Distracted Driving

There could be different reasons behind getting distracted while driving. There are many car accident cases in Illinois happening due to distraction by the driver. Different behaviors by drivers leading to distraction are

Communicating with passengers – Communicating with passengers while driving can compromise safety and increase the chance of an accident. It is important to avoid heavy communication or any kind of heated argument while driving.
Using technology – Using technology is a major contributor to distracted driving. When a motorist is distracted by using a navigation system, fiddling with the car’s controls, texting while driving, making a phone conversation, or changing the music on a gadget, it can lead to a collision.
Eating – Eating or drinking might make drivers preoccupied behind the wheel. Messy, challenging dishes require more concentration. Drivers may divert their attention from the road to clean up spills.

Driving while Intoxicated

Accidents involving major injuries are high when the driver is drunk. DUI accidents are more common on vacations and in the evenings. When a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is.08 or greater, that person is deemed drunk and unable to operate a vehicle. This level of alcohol intake impairs a driver’s judgment and motor skills. There are more and more cases of car accidents in Illinois due to intoxication by the driver.

Although drinking alcohol is the most common cause of driving while intoxicated, it can also relate to using recreational drugs or prescription medication. The cognitive impairment caused by drug use is comparable to that caused by drinking. If the driver is found under the alcohol effect while driving and meeting with an accident, they are liable to get arrested after returning to normal. Driving under the influence increases the risk of causing a serious auto accident.

Driver Fatigue

This happens when the driver is driving for long hours without a break. Driving while fatigued carries the same danger of causing an accident as driving while intoxicated. Highway hypnosis is also one reason drivers meet with an accident. Driving while tired impairs reaction time and increases the risk of drivers nodding off behind the wheel.

This type of accident is common among truck drivers, who spend much of their day on the road and are more likely to experience driver fatigue than other drivers. When driving for extended periods, drivers should take frequent rests, share driving duties with passengers, and ensure they are not driving over their physical and mental limits to avoid accidents.

Do and Don'ts when meeting with a Car Accident in Illinois

A car accident attorney in Illinois has put some do’s and don’ts in cases. You need to remember this to avoid any loss or further mishap.

Do Seek Help

In any car accident, the first step is determining whether you or others are hurt. Calling 911 will ensure that your crash is swiftly reported to law authorities and that anyone harmed receives prompt medical attention.

Never Underestimate the Seriousness of the Crash

It is important to contact the doctor or visit the nearest hospital, even if you don’t see any major scratches on the outer part of your body. You might not know you have had a major back, neck, head, organ, or injury due to shock. Inform your doctor of what occurred, and make sure you receive a complete examination. Take the advised course of action from your doctor.

Do all Documents at the Accident Scene

A car accident is a stressful experience. Yet, you won’t be able to make crucial decisions until you remain as composed as you can be given the circumstances. Do not place blame. Cooperate with law enforcement and first responders. Clearly and honestly respond to any inquiries.

To obtain a Copy of the Crash Report

The law enforcement official responding to your incident and creating the traffic crash report should be noted along with their name, badge number, and department. Don’t forget to note the report number. Within a day or two of the collision, contact the police department and request a report copy.

Do Cooperate with the Insurance Company

Although it is not required by law, your policy demand to notify your auto insurance company of the accident. The best action is to notify your insurer of the accident immediately. You might be required to state by your insurer. However, don’t confess guilt or place blame. Do not describe your wounds. Keep it factual. There is a high chance that the insurance company may downplay the severity of the car accident or even bring down the policy amount.

Do keep the Journal maintaining reports

Remember to record your memories of the accident while the specifics are still vivid in your mind. You should keep a notebook detailing your wounds and how they have affected your everyday activities. Moreover, it’s a good idea to create a file in which you can save copies of all receipts, work records, medical bills, and other documentation and contact between you and insurance company personnel.

Avoid talking about the case with Non-Family Members

While you may talk about what happened with relatives, you should use caution while chatting about your accident with strangers. Confidentiality privileges do not apply to conversations with friends or members of the public. Communicating only with the Phillips Law Office, Illinois, car accident attorney is best.

Things you can Recover with Car Accident Compensation

An “injury crash” leaves a victim with injuries from the collision that prevent them from driving, walking, or “usually continuing the tasks they could conduct before the injury happened.”

The amount that a victim is collected in an automobile accident lawsuit in Illinois or elsewhere depends on the case’s particular facts and legal concerns, including whether insurance coverage is available. Nonetheless, the following are the typical damages demanded in an automobile accident lawsuit:

Vehicle Repair

There is a high chance that the vehicle may get damaged in the accident, and you will need reimbursement for all required auto repairs or, if your car is deemed a “total loss” by the insurance provider, your car’s fair market value. You can claim the same in your lawsuit.

Reimbursement of Medical Debt

Any past and future medical expenses, including those related to emergency care, surgery, hospitalization, medication, and rehabilitation, are associated with the care you need after an accident.

Distress and Suffering Compensation

Compensation for all the pain and suffering you endure because of being involved in an accident that was someone else’s fault. Post-accident, the victim may face health or mental issues which need medical attention. So, claiming the cost of the same is important.

Compensation for Loss of Income

Due to the injury in a car accident, the victim may face loss of income. Any past and prospective lost wages because of your injuries make it impossible for you to work and support yourself. Any bonuses, commissions, perks, and the money you would have made through self-employment should be included in your pay.

Even if your carelessness played a little part in your auto accident, you could still be entitled to compensation. Your rehabilitation would be diminished in proportion to your level of fault. Unless the other person participated in risky behavior, such as driving while intoxicated, you would be prohibited from recovering anything if you were found to be at fault at least 51% of the time.

How to Prove that you are not at fault for the car accident in Illinois?

When it comes to a car accident, there is a high chance that you may be having a fault. However, you need compensation from the insurance company to present proof of your no-fault. Phillips Law Office does its job perfectly to ensure you get the compensation. You must offer sufficient evidence that someone else was at fault to receive compensation for the serious injuries following a car accident in Illinois. Insurance companies won’t just accept the word of the harmed parties regarding liability; they’ll need proof to back up your claim. You want a personal injury law firm to handle this for you.

Depending on the particulars of the crash, the evidence may change. You will receive the desired compensation if you present the right evidence. While they may be relevant in the case of a drunk driving accident, the proof may differ if the at-fault driver was inattentive, operating a commercial vehicle, or in other circumstances. Your car accident attorneys will determine the proof you need to support liability in your injury claim.

How much can you expect from Car Accident Injuries in Illinois?

The compensation depends on the Illinois law towards car accident laws and the type of accident and damage you face. Your claim might be worth several thousand dollars if you are asked to be admitted to the emergency room and undergo physical therapy sessions. Your recovery, however, will be extremely different if you sustain severe wounds that render you permanently unable.

If a serious injury prevents you from working, you may lose pay. Your future lost wages could be significant if some injuries don’t allow you to return to work. Phillips Law Office has all the strategies and tools to calculate the loss because these can be difficult. Many injuries might also necessitate continuing medical attention and treatment, often for the remainder of your life. You should seek all the compensation required for your future medical costs. Your lawyer might consult a medical expert to determine the value of your future medical expenses.

It is important to remember that the insurance company managing your case will take all reasonable steps to settle your claim for the least amount feasible. They will completely refute your assertion if they can discover any reason to do so.

You may be under the impression that handling your claim alone may save money, but that may not be the case. The difference between receiving full compensation and paying for many of your damages out of pocket can frequently be made by choosing the appropriate attorney. The best approach to ensure that your rights are upheld and that you receive compensation is to hire the right car accident lawyer familiar with insurance companies’ inner workings.

How much time do you need to file the Car Accident Claim?

A statute of limitations is a deadline by which an accident victim must file a lawsuit to recover compensation for their losses. Courts will ensure that matters are handled properly, and someone needs to be at least accountable for their behavior. The court will dismiss your case if it is submitted too late. If that is the case, it will be difficult to claim the damage.

In Illinois, car accident attorneys will file the claim within two years of it being valid. The two-year statute of limitations is subject to a few exceptions, some of which grant additional time to file a case and others that do not. The standard two-year statute of limitations won’t apply in cases involving minor accident victims. Instead, up to two years after the minor reaches 18, the court will allow the youngster to file a case.

If the defendant is a government entity, a major exception to the two-year statute of limitations calls for accident victims to bring a case earlier than two years after the accident. In certain situations, you have one year after the accident to submit a formal claim to the government. By doing this, you give the government a chance to respond to your claim and the chance to resolve it amicably without resorting to legal action.

How can Car Accident Lawyer Illinois Help you in winning the Case?

Phillips Law Office in Illinois uses different methods to get compensation successfully for car accident claims. Some of the methods used are:

Collecting Evidence – This is quite a challenging process for the attorney. Collecting the testimony of a reliable expert witness about the amount of the victim’s predicted lifetime medical bills can be unexpectedly difficult to get in some circumstances. A competent auto accident lawyer is well-versed in the complexities and confusing labyrinths of the Illinois Rules of Evidence.
Bargaining Skills – A respected Illinois car accident lawyer with good bargaining skills will fight with the insurance company to get an increase in the compensation claim and credit the same immediately. Having good bargaining skills is important and will help in getting compensation.
Information processing abilities – A skilled car accident lawyer will learn as much as possible about the case, seeking exploitable subtleties. A car accident lawyer needs to understand every aspect of car accident law in Illinois to develop and carry out an efficient case strategy since the correlations and implications that can result from a vast volume of evidence can be enormous.
Persuasion – The winning of the case depends on how well the attorney can convince the jury during the argument in court. The ability to persuade others results in experience and partly from a deep acquaintance with all the arguments in favour of and against the client. Phillips Law Office has a good reputation for pursuing insurance companies and judges for the claim.

Average car accident Settlements in Illinois?​

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were a total of 319,146 motor vehicle crashes in the state of Illinois in every year, and of those crashes, approximately 27% resulted in some type of injury.

It’s important to note that not all of these accidents resulted in settlements, as some may have been resolved through insurance claims or other means. Additionally, the number of settlements can vary widely based on the specific circumstances of each case, including the severity of injuries, the extent of property damage, and the legal representation of the parties involved.

In Illinois, car accident settlements can vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. According to some sources, the average car accident settlement in Illinois is around $60,000. However, this number can vary widely depending on the severity of injuries, the extent of property damage, and other factors.

Hiring the Best Car Accident Attorney in Illinois to Claim Compensation

Phillips Law Office is the leading law firm in Illinois, helping victims of car accidents to get their claims rightly from the insurance company. You can connect with us to understand how we work, the law regarding car accident claims, and the procedure to file the claim. If you or any of your loved ones are involved in a car accident in Illinois, contact us for a free consultation through a call or personal meeting.

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