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Defective Car Lawyer

You may face accidents without warning due to the defect in your car. The defect can be for any reason, resulting in physical, financial, and mental pain. If you are driving a brand-new car and end up having an accident, who would you blame for the same? In most auto accident cases, you would file a claim against the at-fault driver to pursue damages from the driver’s insurance policy. You would go elsewhere for compensation if an auto defect brought on the accident and injuries. Normally, you would file a lawsuit against the company that made the faulty component. But you could also use a distributor who supplied the component or a mechanic who installed it in an automobile for product liability. Contact a defective car lawyer for a free consultation and understand your case.

Unfortunately, some automakers and organizations permit poorly designed vehicles to be put on the road, jeopardizing the lives of motorists across the nation. If a car, truck, motorbike, or another motor vehicle—or any of its vehicle parts—caused you harm or other losses, the best is to seek compensation by hiring a professional defective car attorney in Illinois.

With a team of defective car lawyers, Phillips Law Office works on getting your claim accepted and the compensation you deserve. Did you realize that a new automobile or truck now costs more than $33,000 on average? With such a significant financial commitment, customers in Illinois should insist that the cars they buy be developed and manufactured safely. Sadly, many automobiles are made and constructed improperly every year.

You may be entitled to compensation if you or a family member has been hurt in a collision brought on by a faulty car or truck. When dealerships and auto manufacturers sell defective automobiles that injure or kill someone, our defect lawyers fight diligently to hold them responsible.  For customers in Illinois, Phillips Law Office has the expertise and resources to handle issues involving defective vehicle parts. These matters frequently involve extensive research and litigation. We can benefit our clients by utilizing our experience with difficult product liability matters. We are aware of the effects these injuries have on our customers and their families’ lives.

How Can Defective Car Parts Lead to Accidents and Other Injuries?

Defective Car Lawyer
Defective Car Lawyer

Unlike most people, dangerous auto flaws are significantly more frequent. For instance, faulty tires and steering columns are to blame for accidents. Many surveys estimate that more than 35 percent of defect-related collisions are caused by tire issues, whereas 22 percent of these crashes are caused by brake issues. Thousands of accidents each year are also caused by problems with the steering, transmissions, and engines. Some of the accidents and injuries you may face are-

  • Failures in brake lines, problems with the hydraulic reservoir, leaks in brake fluid, and abrupt brake locking are common symptoms of braking system faults.
  • If the power steering pump or electrical systems were improperly built or assembled by the manufacturer, the car’s steering components could malfunction.
  • Dangerous blowouts can result from defective tires, particularly those with tread separation.

Even certain safety features have the potential to inflict severe harm if they are manufactured or designed improperly. For instance, airbags that don’t deploy or that deploy suddenly might result in severe injuries to different body areas. Another frequently reported safety-related auto defect that develops when the locking system fails is faulty seat belts. Fortunately, if it can be proven that their negligence contributed to the tragedy, the safety equipment manufacturers can be held accountable for any damages.

Whether or not the manufacturer recalled the component, you can still file a defective auto part claim to receive compensation for your injuries. However, the recall date may be significant in your instance if it concerns a component that the manufacturer recalled. It might bring about the deadline for submitting all kinds of claims. If you know that the relevant component to your case has been recalled, you should speak with a defective car lawyer as soon as possible.

Who is Responsible for Defective Vehicles?

Of course, the driver isn’t fully responsible for the accident unless they know the defect. But what if the driver doesn’t have the idea and faces an accident? Consumers in Illinois have the right to pursue financial compensation for their personal injury losses when poor car design and manufacture result in flaws that endanger driver safety or cause deadly accidents. It is typically feasible to hold the following parties liable for damages resulting from car flaws in personal injury cases:

Vehicle Manufacturer

The vehicle manufacturer or brand is responsible for selling the defective car. In many cases, when there are too many accidents caused by newly launched cars, the manufacturer holds the sale and recalls all cars for inspection. Accidents still occurred because of undiscovered automobile faults, despite frequent recalls. Manufacturers and dealers of vehicles occasionally hide flaws that endanger customers.

Defective Part Manufacturer

A modern automobile is a sophisticated machine. Today, the creation of the car involves numerous manufacturers. If a faulty part results in an automobile accident, each supplier or manufacturer of the component may be partially liable. Some of the common defects are-

  • Failure of the steering system results in loss of control.
  • Fire and fuel system component leaks
  • Throttle control sticks
  • The engine cooling fan is broken
  • The Result of the Defective Car Accident Claim Case

There are two general results of this case- financial settlement or courtroom trial-

  • Settlement – This occurs when the defendant chooses to make a lump sum payment to the plaintiff rather than proceeding to trial. The defendant opts for this option when it is less expensive to settle than to keep investing time and resources in litigation defense.
  • Trail- When no settlement is made or desired, the case goes to trial, a jury trial before a judge. To support your case in court, your auto flaws attorney will rely on witnesses, proof, and judicial precedents. If the defendant is guilty, the jury will compensate you for your losses, harm, and suffering.

How Can a Defective Car Lawyer in Illinois Help?

Many auto part producers try to escape responsibility by blaming the driver or another person. Investigations are crucial because of this. To prove guilt, the information they find is essential.

An accomplished defective car attorney in Illinois by Phillips Law Office will assess your case and look at many forms of liability, including:

  • Strict Liability – This covers any sold or rented defective products that could be expected to cause harm. These claims do not call for evidence of negligence or irrational behavior.
  • Breach of warranty – This type of claim is necessary to prove that the car had defects.

Call our Defective Car Attorney for Complete Assistance

If an automobile flaw led to the collision, you could have suffered significant injuries such as head trauma, shattered bones, internal ailments, and scrapes and bruises. Your significant medical expenses, rehabilitation, retraining for a new career, and pain may all be covered by insurance.

Our Phillips Law Office and car accident lawyer teams have handled many cases for clients like you. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles passing through Indianapolis and Lafayette each year, we are happy to serve clients in Illinois. Car accidents are, therefore, very likely, especially when drivers are inattentive to the state of the road, go excessively fast, behave aggressively, or when distracted. An attorney from Phillips Law Office can look into your accident and advise you on the claim you should submit. You could even be able to file a claim for product liability as well as one for a driving accident, depending on the specifics.

If you want to speak with our attorney for a free consultation, call us at the given number (312) 598-0917 or meet us at our office.

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