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How can hiring a birth injury Attorney help me and my child?

In a birth injury case where a child is injured at birth, there are two types of damages that you can recover on behalf of that child, the first is what’s called economic damages and that’s things like the medicines that the child may need throughout the course of the child’s life, the physical therapy or occupational therapy that the child may need and also the cost of all future medical care, on the other hand,   there’s what’s called non-economic damages and those are the damages that make us human who we are those are things like disability of the child the loss of that child’s normal life and the life that they could or should have had growing up as well as the pain and suffering of the child there are a lot of different types of damage and element of damage and that’s why it’s very important to contact a personal injury lawyer who has done and has experience in birth injury cases because they can get quite complex over time.

The Illinois personal injury law firm of Phillips Law Offices has a recognized reputation as having aggressive, skilled, and determined representatives and advocates for injured individuals and their families.

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