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How To Obtain Traffic Camera Video Of a Car Accident?

To obtain traffic camera video of a car accident, request it through the relevant local authorities, such as law enforcement or the department managing traffic cameras.

You might need to fill out a form or send a request by email or mail. Make sure to give them details about when and where the accident took place. Move quickly because some places only keep the camera footage for a limited time, and it could be deleted or replaced after a while.

Here’s a simple guide on how to obtain traffic camera footage of your car accident from different places. The most crucial step is to reach out to us immediately. We can help save the camera footage before it gets lost or replaced. If you got hurt in the accident, contact the Chicago car accident lawyer at Phillips Law Offices.

What are The Sources To Get Video Of Your Car Accident ?

In Chicago, there are lots of different camera videos that might have proof of your accident, such as:

Traffic Cameras:

  • Identify the location of the accident, such as an intersection.
  • Contact the local law enforcement agency overseeing that area.
  • In Chicago, the people who manage the roads, like the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and other government groups, use cameras to learn things and keep everything safe. Request traffic camera footage by submitting a formal request with details like the date and time of the accident.

Red Light Cameras:

  • Determine if there are any red light cameras at the intersection where the accident occurred.
  • Contact the agency managing the red light cameras and inquire about obtaining footage.

Security Cameras from Nearby Businesses or Homes:

  • Check for businesses or homes with security cameras near the accident site.
  • Approach the owners and kindly ask if they have footage of the incident.

Dashcam Footage from Involved Vehicles:

  • If you or others involved have dashcams, check if they recorded the accident.
  • Collect footage from all relevant parties and share it with authorities or insurance companies.

City or Municipality Surveillance Cameras:

  • Inquire with the city or municipality if there are surveillance cameras in the vicinity.
  • Follow their procedures for obtaining footage, usually involving a formal request.


  • Identify any eyewitnesses who may have recorded the accident on their smartphones.
  • Request their cooperation in sharing the video or providing a statement to support your case.

Social Media Platforms:

  • Check social media platforms for posts or videos related to the accident.
  • Reach out to individuals who may have shared content and ask for permission to use it as evidence.

Toll Booth Cameras:

  • If the accident occurred near a toll booth, check if they have cameras in the area.
  • Contact the toll booth authorities to request footage if available.

Public Transportation Cameras:

  • If the accident happened near public transportation stops or routes, check for cameras on buses, trains, or transit stations.
  • Contact the relevant transportation authority for assistance in obtaining footage.

cctv camera at traffic

How Long are Camera Recordings of a Car Accident Available?

The availability of camera recordings after a car accident can vary. It depends on where the recordings come from. For example, if it’s a traffic camera, the recordings may be kept for a certain period, like a week or a month. However, if it’s footage from a business’s security camera, they might keep it for a longer time. It’s important to act quickly if you need the footage.

Contact the relevant authority, like the police or the business, and ask about their retention period for the camera recordings. If you wait too long, the footage might be erased or overwritten, and you won’t be able to get it.

Alternatives to Traffic Camera Footage

When we’re trying to figure out what happened in a situation, like a car accident, we don’t always have to rely on traffic camera videos. There are other options that can help us get a clearer picture. Let’s look at three simple ways to do that:

Exploring dashcam footage from involved parties: If people involved in the incident have dashcams in their cars, we can check those videos. Dashcams are like small cameras installed in cars that record what happens on the road. So, if someone’s car was involved, their dashcam might show us important details about what happened.

Utilizing surveillance footage from nearby businesses: Many businesses have cameras outside their buildings to keep an eye on things. We can ask these businesses if we can use their footage to see if their cameras captured any part of the incident. This can give us more angles and information to understand the situation better.

Collaborating with local residents for additional angles: Sometimes, people living in the area might have witnessed the incident and recorded it on their phones or home cameras. By talking to local residents, we can gather additional footage or different perspectives that can help us piece together the whole story.

Are There Red Light Cameras in Chicago?

Yes, there are red light cameras in Chicago. These cameras are set up at some intersections to catch drivers who run red lights. They help enforce traffic rules and improve road safety. So, when you’re driving in Chicago, be aware of these red light cameras to follow the traffic signals and avoid any issues.

Does Chicago Have Surveillance Cameras?

Yes, Chicago has surveillance cameras. These are cameras set up in different places around the city to keep an eye on things and help with safety. They’re often used to monitor public areas and streets. So, when you’re in Chicago, you might see these cameras around, and they’re there to help make sure things are secure.

How Many Cameras Does Chicago Have?

The city uses a bunch of cameras for different reasons, like keeping an eye on streets and public places to help with safety. There isn’t a specific number, but you can imagine there are quite a lot of cameras around to help monitor things in Chicago.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Obtaining Traffic Camera Footage?

Yes, sometimes you might have to pay money to get traffic camera footage. The people who manage the cameras might charge a fee for providing the videos. It’s like a small amount of money you need to give them in exchange for getting access to the footage. Always check with the authorities or the organization in charge to find out if there are any fees before you try to get the traffic camera videos.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorney For Your Case Now

If you’ve had a car accident, don’t wait. Contact a car accident attorney now for guidance and support. We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

If there are traffic camera recordings, act quickly to secure that vital footage. Call us today at (312) 598-0917 and ensure your rights are protected and evidence is in place for your case.

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