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Chicago Red Light Accident Settlement

Traffic lights intend to manage the passage of vehicles and keep drivers safe. But the problem arises when people do not adhere to the rules of red lights. Their negligent acts end up causing severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities and that is called a red light accident. Some drivers disregard safety regulations because they are hurrying to go somewhere. Many people are driving while distracted and aren’t even aware that they failed to stop at an intersection. In certain instances, reckless or excessively speeding drivers accelerate during a yellow light and end up causing a significant collision.

Most collisions occurring when a driver accelerates to beat a red light are severe and harm both parties excessively. If you met with a red light car accident in Chicago, you might wonder what to do. We suggest you first seek medical attention and then contact a law firm with an efficient and reliable network of car accident lawyers. They can help you fight against the negligent driver, insurance providers, or other parties responsible for the car accident.

Red Light Car Accident Facts

Overspeeding of vehicles could often cause violent collisions at red lights. These accidents result in significant property damage, possibly totaling one or both vehicles, and intense personal injuries. Neck, shoulder, back, and whiplash injuries are some of the most common injuries caused by red-light running. Some may experience hip, leg, or multiple fractures along with the spinal cord and brain injuries.

According to sources, nearly 45% of automobile collisions occur at a road intersection, but the main contributing factor is running a red light. According to this statistic, thousands of car accidents happen annually in the United States because drivers fail to stop and collide with other vehicles at a red light.

As already said, numerous red light running incidents occur in Chicago annually. Most of these accidents are due to intoxication, fatigue, distraction, speeding, slipping, and falling. Those seriously injured by people running red lights include pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and other drivers. Medical expenses and hospital bills for such accidents can cost thousands of dollars.

We rely on traffic lights to keep us safe because the number of people driving on the road is increasing. However, it only takes one small mistake to cause injury or death. If you sustained injuries in a collision due to someone else’s carelessness, consult a car accident lawyer at Phillips Law Offices. Regardless of the reason for crossing the red light, we will ensure you get justice and the compensation value you deserve.

State Laws prevailing for red light accidents

There are specific rules and regulations for car accidents in Chicago, allowing you to recover damages from the insurance company or at-fault driver. The majority of cases pursue negligence as the base for a lawsuit. The negligence term in legal doctrine refers to an unjustified behavior that caused tangible losses and injury. Hit and running a red light is an example of negligent driving. Other instances of negligence in the motor vehicle context include:

  • The driver falls asleep and drifts into your lane, colliding head-on with you.
  • A car makes a left turn in front of you and causes a rear-end collision.
  • You wait at a red light, but another vehicle collides with you.
  • A drunken patron exits a bar and T-bones your car as you drive home.

If you believe that someone else’s negligence caused your suffering, you should prove your point at trial. There must be evidence showing that you owed a duty to the defendant and that the defendant breached that duty. Additionally, you have to show that you sustained injuries or damages because of the defendant’s breach.

You can feel relieved by winning a claim for damages with an experienced car accident lawyer. Note that you only have two years from the date of the accident to take legal action against the defaulter. Since lawyers are familiar with this statute of limitations, they can help meet this deadline and track for maximum compensation.

Settlement for red light accidental cases

Red light

If you went through a red-light collision in Chicago, you might wonder who is at fault. The driver who negligently ran the red light and caused the auto accident is held responsible by law. You can sue the person for accidental claims, including medical bills and personal injury costs. A red light accident settlement is typically worth $10,000. But if injuries are severe, the compensation value is much higher. Here are a few examples of jury verdicts and settlements from fatal red-light running accidents.

$455 Settlement: Chicago, Illinois

A passenger sustained severe injuries in a car crash when the defendant ran a red light. The woman was 44 years old when the accident happened. She suffered a concussion with subdural hematoma. The medical bills for her damages, including long-term pain and suffering, totaled nearly $200,000. However, the accused driver claimed that it was not his fault. He asserted that the plaintiff speeded and cut him off. Considering the circumstances, the company where he worked made a settlement offer. Accordingly, the woman received $455,000 in compensation as a settlement.

$285k Settlement: Chicago, Illinois

In this case, a woman in her late 20s was traveling down Route 17. Unfortunately, a driver ran a red light and collided head-on with her. She needed surgery related to arthroplasty because she broke her shoulder in the accident. Her medical bills amounted to over $100,000. Besides that, she lost almost $10,000 in wages. She filed a lawsuit against the driver and reached a $285,000 settlement with his insurer.

$900k Settlement: Chicago, Illinois

A policeman was doing his daily duties when a tractor-trailer ran a red light and struck his patrol car. He suffered from depression, amnesia, and a traumatic brain injury due to this accident. Besides losing income worth $100,000, his medical expenses were about $190,000. He could return to work only after a year of the incident. Since the trucker had a relevant insurance policy of $900,000, the cop could settle with them.

As each case is unique, we advise you to assess the severity of your accident before filing a claim. Get in touch with our law firm for more information about your case. Recently, we helped a widow in obtaining a $25 million settlement. She lost her 40-year-old husband in an accident caused by drunk driving negligence.

Why seek a lawyer after red light accidents?

You may find yourself in a difficult financial position due to medical bills, lost wages, and additional costs associated with your car accident. You could file a claim if things went wrong due to the driver’s inattention, distraction, or speed at the red light. However, seeking legal assistance for red light accident compensation is wise. The extent of your damages will determine the type and size of a jury award or settlement amount following a red light collision.

Damage is a legal term that refers to the extent of your harm from an event. After car accidents, people may sustain different types of damages categorized as economic or non-economic. Economic ones are the direct costs incurred after car accidents, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage. On the other hand, non-economic damages include lost quality of life, disability, disfigurement, pain, and suffering. Consult a Chicago car accident attorney for information on the law and your legal options.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorney Chicago For Help With Your Case

Phillips Law Offices has some of the best car accident lawyers in the state. You can go for a free case evaluation about your damages incurred due to a red light car accident. Our experienced lawyers can fight for people harmed in incidents related to red-light running affairs, drunk driving, or uninsured motorists. We make efforts so that the driver is held accountable for his actions and that you receive adequate compensation.

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