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Springfield Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In addition to being an eco-friendly and practical mode of transportation, motorcycles provide a sense of independence and thrill. But riding a motorcycle can sometimes be life-threatening if you go off-balance. There are many cases of accidents where pedestrians or riders face injuries. This invites a lot of problems for both parties which is why you require a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer.

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

This is where Phillips Law Offices come into the role. Our attorney team’s sole area of focus is motor vehicle crash recovery. In Springfield and other nearby counties, our partners devote many years of combined experience in vehicle accident trials to aiding victims of motorcycle accidents. Our team and attorneys have the expertise, tenacity, and knowledge necessary to effectively and sympathetically handle the many issues raised by these tragedies.

The amount you deserve for the Motorcycle Accident Damage

One of the things injured motorcycle accident victims want to know is the damage amount they will receive. They face further losses post-accident that can take away many things from them. Before speaking with you and looking into your motorbike accident, we cannot determine how much compensation you might be able to claim.

Because everyone has various injuries, underlying medical issues, and healing processes, every situation is different. The specifics of your position will determine how much you can pursue. Types of damages you could claim after facing a Springfield motorcycle accident attorney-

Lost Salary

After a collision, people frequently miss working and want to resume back. We could include any lost wages if the accident caused you to miss work. Lost wages, self-employment, and other sources of regular income can all fall under this category.

Decreased capacity to earn

We can determine if your injuries forced you to accept a job that pays less or works fewer hours. You might have chosen a job that pays less per year if your former position needed you to stand for extended periods, but you are now unable to do so due to pain from your injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for any lost income you may currently receive.

Increased Medical Cost

There is a high chance of increased medical costs, from emergency treatment to surgery and physical therapy. You may have to spend money on many things.

Center for Rehabilitation

When someone suffers a life-altering injury, they may require substantial specialized care at a rehabilitation facility, such as a facility for spinal cord damage. Even though these expenses can be astronomically large, including this claim can be fruitful. A Springfield motorcycle accident attorney can help you in this.

Long-Term Support

After suffering severe injuries, some people require daily help with personal care and medical procedures. Facilities impose exorbitant fees, which your claim may cover for damages.

Investigating Motorcycle Accident

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by failure to yield. Before swerving into another lane or accelerating through a stop sign, drivers frequently fail to check out for motorcycles.

The frequent defense is that the motorcycle rider was facing disturbance while riding. Still, it falls since drivers have a responsibility to yield to motorcycles just like they do to other vehicles. Additionally, if the driver was at fault for the collision, whether or not you were wearing a helmet shouldn’t be a barrier to receiving compensation.

Our Springfield motorcycle accident attorney immediately looks into every motorbike collision to establish fault and calculate damages. Based on skid marks, scattered car debris, witness accounts, and your version of what happened, we pursue ideas.

How can our team of attorneys help you as Springfield Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Springfield Motorcycle Accidents

Having a motorcycle accident lawyer by your side is crucial to ensure you have access to all of the support and legal advice you require at this time.

  • Legal Counsel: supplying you with beneficial legal advice to help safeguard your rights and future
  • Support: Providing emotional support to get you through this trying period. Take care of the necessary documentation for your injury claim.
  • Time & Money Saver: By ensuring everything is finished correctly and on time, we can help you save time and money.
  • Representation: Speaking in court and pursuing the highest possible settlement sum on your behalf.
  • Maximizing Pay: Increasing the compensation you receive to ensure you get what you are due.

Steps you should do after meeting Springfield Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You should contact the doctor and lawyer for instant support when you have a motorcycle accident. If wounds are not treated properly, the infection may develop. Additionally, you can have hidden harm that takes time to manifest, like:

  • Many people have fractured bones but walk for days without noticing any pain.
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries might take some time to manifest symptoms.
  • Traumatic brain injury can result in a brain hemorrhage that, if untreated, can be fatal.

Some facts you should be aware of about the Springfield Motorcycle Accident

According to the research, most collisions involving one or more motorbikes are the drivers’ responsibility, not the motorcyclists. However, motorcycle riders have a far larger danger of dying or getting hurt with less safety. Motorcyclists run a significant risk from negligent drivers, whether they fail to check their blind areas before changing lanes while driving while distracted or make an improper left turn. A rider could be in danger from even the smallest carelessness on the part of the driver of a larger vehicle.

We Fight for you to get the Claim

In personal injury or wrongful death situations, we work towards maximizing the claim for our client’s financial recovery because of our capacity to identify and expose many at-fault parties. We examine the negligence that led to the motorcycle accident, including other negligent drivers, unsafe products, and other relevant circumstances.

We can assist you whether you are struggling financially due to a loved one’s death in a motorcycle accident or are dealing with the hardships of medical bills, property damage, and missed income due to a motorcycle injury.

Connect with us to get complete claim compensation for the motorcycle accident injury. You can set up a free consultation with Phillips Law Office, and our Springfield motorcycle accident attorney will explain everything.

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