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$7,000,000.00 verdict was obtained by Stephen D. Phillips on behalf of a 39 year old woman as a result of negligent medical care she received while in the intensive care unit of a hospital. In July 2000, our client developed symptoms of an abdominal infection. She was placed in the intensive care unit of a local hospital, under the care of intensive care physicians. We alleged that the physicians did not properly monitor and treat her serious condition. Due to the failure to properly evaluate her respiratory status and place her on mechanical ventilation, she developed lack of oxygen which led to severe brain damage. As a result, our client presently requires 24 hour-a-day care.“The facts of this case clearly show that the physicians were not monitoring her appropriately and did not come to her bedside when she needed immediate care. We are pleased that the jury reached this result,” said Stephen D. Phillips. “This verdict will allow our client the 24 hour-a-day care that she desperately needs and allows her family members to hire health care professionals to supply that care.”

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