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What Steps Should I Take After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

Riding on a motorcycle is not only fun, but it is also an excellent way to save a few bucks on fuel when running errands or going to work. However, the recklessness of another person on the road can damage the motorcycle and injure the rider or pedestrian.

When motorcycle accidents happen, the costs of recovery are usually high. But the burden can weigh less if Chicago’s personal injury attorneys file a claim against the other motorist or their insurance carrier.

What Makes Motorcycle Accidents So Common?

Most motorcyclists are cautious when they take to the road. However, some circumstances are beyond your control. You face many risks, including the fact that:

  • Other motorists on the road may not always see you
  • Nothing is protecting you from the road and other hazards
  • Driving on two wheels does not provide the stability present in four wheels
  • Motorcyclists need to be more skilled than the drivers
  • The impact or road hazards is more severe on motorcyclists
  • A motorcycle is more likely to crash if its equipment fails

Accidents that are contributed by another person’s negligence can come with compensation. This happens when injured motorcyclists work with a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer. Proving that another entity disregarded their responsibility needs experience and expertise.

What is the Best Thing to Do After the Accident Has Happened?

The steps you are going to take after a motorcycle accident depends on the severity of the crash. But generally, here is what you do:

  • Check if you or others involved are injured
  • If anyone is injured, call an ambulance to provide first aid services and take them to the hospital
  • Reach out to the local law enforcement agency to report the accident
  • Exchange information with the other motorist (their name; their drivers’ license information; their insurance information; and the details of their vehicle)
  • Get the phone numbers or address of any witnesses at the scene of the crash

What Steps Should I Take After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

Remember that photos might be very instrumental for your personal injury case. They are the surest way to document the possible events and show who was at fault. Take photos of:

  • The accident scene from various angles
  • Road signs that might be relevant to the incident
  • Any skid marks
  • The damage to the vehicle
  • The damage on the motorcycle
  • Any other property damage
  • Any roadside debris that might have been a contributor to the crash

What Injuries Can a Motorcyclist be Compensated for?

Even with the complete coverage on your arms and legs, gloves, and a helmet – the protection offered in a motorcycle accident is limited. The lack of cushion like the one found inside a car exposes you and your passengers to the possibility of serious injuries.

What Steps Should I Take After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

Notably, the protective gear protects you from the initial impact. But if the biker is thrown a significant distance from the motorcycle, they can be victims of severe traumatic brain injuries and upper body injuries. Here are other injuries motorcyclists are likely to suffer:

  • Crush and broken bones
  • Foot and leg fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Whiplash when the neck suddenly jolts back and forth
  • Crushed fingers
  • Lacerations to the skin
  • Joint and tissue damage
  • Loss of a limb

What are the Life-Altering Effects that Motorcyclists Receive Compensation For?

Common motorcycle injuries are often not fatal except for traumatic brain injuries that can sometimes lead to death. However, these non-fatal injuries can negatively transform the motorcyclist’s life forever. They may have to live with a disability or endure lengthy recovery periods, for instance:

  • Spinal damage can result in permanent paralysis
  • Crushed bones may never heal completely

And the life-altering effects include:

  • Diminished quality of life because of the disabling condition
  • Mental distress because of the stress or depression from the incident
  • Chronic pain from the point of injury, which affects the ability to work and take part in daily life
  • Expensive medical bills for ongoing care and emergency services
  • Lost income because of time spent off work
  • Loss of companionship, consortium, and other effects on your relationships with close family and friends

Taking up a legal battle on your own can take a toll on you and the healing process. That is why many victims opt to hire and retain an experienced Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer.

What If I Partly Contributed to the Accident?

Sometimes, more than one person acts negligently, and together, they contribute to the crash. If you were partially responsible, the court assigns a percentage of fault to you and the other parties involved. Your degree of responsibility will be subtracted from the compensatory awards you would have received.

important steps after motorcycle accident

In the principles of comparative negligence applied in Illinois, the injured motorcyclist cannot receive any compensation if their degree of fault exceeds that of the other driver. Note that the at-fault party’s legal team or their insurance will attempt to prove that your fault was 50% or more to avoid paying any compensation. Thus, it would be best if you had an aggressive Chicago motorcycle accident attorney by your side.

How is Liability Established in Illinois?

Losing out on compensation after spending so much after sustaining the injuries would be devastating for any accident victim. The goal is to show the jury that the higher percentage of fault is on the other motorist. Motorcyclists have to prove that the other road user acted in an unsafe demeanor or disregarded essential road signs.

They could have:

  • Been texting while driving
  • Failed to keep a proper lookout
  • Run a red light or stop sign
  • Been drunk while driving
  • Been distracted while driving
  • Been speeding
  • Turned in front of your motorcycle when they had no right of way

Record-Setting PI Attorneys Battling on Your Behalf

Victims may not know when or if they can return to work. What’s more, the regular monthly obligations and medical bills can pile up. Don’t suffer for injuries inflicted on you by another party.

Your wrongful death or personal injury case can get the best possible resolution with the right legal help. A Chicago personal injury lawyer with the experience to handle motorcycle accidents can help you recover fair compensation.

The Illinois personal injury law firm of Phillips Law Offices has a recognized reputation as having aggressive, skilled, and determined representatives and advocates for injured individuals and their families. Allow our Chicago, Illinois auto accident attorneys to pursue damages on your behalf as you focus on full recovery.

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