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Auto Products Liability

Accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles rank among the major causes of unintentional mortality across all age groups annually. There are more and more accidents and injuries due to defective auto parts. Failure of brakes, tire burst, or any other technical issues in an auto can lead to injury. Auto product liability cases can be filed against a variety of defendants.

But many people don’t realize that accidents might happen even when one drives cautiously and is always cautious.  That’s because numerous injuries caused by auto defects occur every year. Alarmingly, several times, automakers were aware of the flaws in their cars but took insufficient action to fix them.

Vehicle flaws are errors in a vehicle’s construction or design. Design flaws are imperfections in the intended components of the design itself. Design flaws are obvious, for instance, if the structure of an automobile is not constructed in a way that promotes the safety of its occupants. A manufacturing defect is a flaw that wasn’t intentional but appeared due to a disregarded manufacturing issue. Vehicle occupants are more likely to suffer injuries and die in an accident in either scenario. Phillips Law Office is the best option if you are also facing the same and claiming compensation for the injury due to an auto defect.

Despite the potential for complexity, our legal team has the knowledge and expertise to handle disputes involving auto product liability successfully. A product liability lawyer at Phillips Law Office can advise you to take on a car manufacturer or designer to obtain monetary compensation for the harm you have suffered because of a defective auto part.

Some of the Auto Product Liabilities are:

auto manufacturing defect
Auto Product Liability

Defective Tires

Tyre flaws are quite dangerous for car drivers and are the major reason behind several recent accidents, frequently because of manufacturer mistakes. Tires that age more quickly than usual, those constructed with subpar materials, and those with hazardous designs could indicate manufacturing problems. However, other parties can also be responsible if defective tires lead to an accident. For instance, an auto shop could be held accountable for tire problems that result in customer injuries if it used older tires while claiming they were new or used the wrong tires for the car.

Seat Belt Defects

Auto seat belts are a sensible safety measure every motorist should use because they are fundamentally safe. Seat belt use can reduce the risk of car collision injuries by 50%. In Illinois, it is a strict law child aged above 7 under should be buckled up with seat belts while driving. Seat belts have been saving thousands of lives every year by helping protect drivers and motor vehicle passengers from being ejected after an accident. Naturally, wearing them is required by law in every country and state. But what occurs when a manufacturing flaw prevents this standard safety feature from operating as intended? Drivers and passengers would sustain major injuries or death.

Seat Belt Submarining

Seat belt submarining is a condition that happens when many car components don’t function properly. It occurs when a person slides beneath the lap section of a seat belt because of a sudden loss of speed in the car or a seat cushion and seat belt that are not properly built. Since seat belts were created with the ordinary person in mind, there are cases where pregnant women find it difficult to wear them around.

Defective Airbags

Another crucial safety component that annually saves thousands of lives is airbags. Every car needs to have at least 6 airbags. The problems, however, start when a manufacturing flaw renders the airbag ineffective. Due to price disparities, some repair shops may substitute counterfeit parts for original equipment while replacing an airbag system in a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, this is when issues arise since fake airbags may partially deploy or even discharge hazardous gases or metal shrapnel while doing so. The occupants of motor vehicles suffer severe injuries as a result. An auto product liability lawyer can help you in your case.

Uncontrolled Acceleration in Vehicles

Unexpected or unexpected acceleration is another term for uncontrolled acceleration. It might be characterized as an instance in which a car accelerates or advances without any intervention from the driver. In the opinion of many auto safety specialists, the bulk of uncontrolled acceleration situations go unreported. It is important to know that these accelerations usually occur while the car travels. Nevertheless, occurrences of uncontrolled acceleration have been connected to several automobiles recently.

When a driver cannot maintain control of the vehicle, sudden acceleration might result in serious accidents. The injuries that develop can be fatal. Modern vehicles have more advanced features. Therefore, it’s possible that these high-tech systems could be hiding flaws, particularly in software controls.

There have been many cases where car manufacturers recalled many of their sold cars due to complaints of acceleration issues. Hundreds of complaints have been regarding uncontrollable acceleration in the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The business has reviewed the electronic software in the recalled vehicles, but these examinations have come up empty. Because drivers were able to maintain control of their cars and avert collisions in these situations, accidents were completely avoided.

Defective Power Windows

Power windows are standard on all new cars sold in the US. Even though they simplify passengers’ operations, these have led to several accidents. Life may worsen for someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury due to a power window problem. Medical expenses could mount up. It can be difficult and irritating to try and handle insurance claims and other incident-related issues. The incident’s physical suffering, as well as any potential financial issues, could leave you with long-lasting mental anguish. You should seek the advice of a product liability attorney in these circumstances.

Proving Auto Defect Liability Claim

Auto Products Liability
Auto Product Liability

Illinois product liability lawyers at Phillips Law Office would have to provide evidence that the car’s flaws caused the victim’s injuries. Sometimes, the injury’s root cause can be directly connected to the flawed component or design. For instance, when an airbag fails to open during a head-on collision, a person suffers serious facial and brain injuries. Other times, the connection to the flawed component might not be as evident. To determine if a car flaw caused or contributed to someone’s injury or death, it is essential to employ an expert to help analyze the vehicle occasionally. The accident victim may be entitled to financial compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses resulting from their injuries, and pain and suffering.

Contacting Auto Defect Liability Experts in Illinois

It can be challenging to ensure your legal rights are adequately safeguarded and that your claim gets the desired result from the judge, ensuring you get the compensation. The manufacturer could actively reduce their guilt, leaving you with few options or no way to pursue financial redress. In addition to helping you establish liability, a product liability lawyer with experience handling automotive problems may also help you pursue the complete value of your claim.

We at Phillips Law Office help clients with auto product liability cases from around Illinois. We firmly believe in consumer rights and are committed to upholding them in all situations involving faulty car parts. From bad fuel systems to faulty seat belts to faulty power windows, we know how to research these issues and put together strong cases that establish manufacturer culpability.

At Phillips Law Office, we offer free initial advice wherein makes you understand auto defect liability and other aspects. If you hire us to represent you, we will do so on a contingency fee basis, meaning we won’t be paid unless you do. Since many of these issues are time-sensitive, phone or email us as soon as possible to protect your rights. Contact us now at (312) 598-0917 and get a free consultation on your case.

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