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Bloomington Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial Truck Accidents cause severe damage to life and property and serious injuries. It requires long-term recovery with damages regarding the financial, emotional, and physical. If an individual faces an injury due to the commercial truck, they must consider contacting Phillips Law Offices Attorney providing the best truck injury lawyers in Bloomington.

Meet our record-setting truck accident lawyers fighting for clients for 75 years throughout Bloomington. We provide assurance of standing by your side throughout the ongoing legal procedure for truck injury lawsuits. Our honest attorneys have influencing and skillful abilities to fight the cases of their clients.

Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

Our clients will be assisted with the causes and reasons for most of the truck accidents, along with the amount of compensation obtained with the help of Phillips Law Officers

Causes of Serious Truck Injuries

Commercial vehicles include Semi-trucks, Garbage trucks, Buses, 18-wheeler trucks, Dump trucks, Tankers, Parcel and mail delivery vehicles, and Emergency vehicles, including fire trucks, police cars, or ambulances

There are several causes of experiencing serious and major truck accidents, which most of the victims don’t know. A semi-truck is a vast, heavily loaded vehicle that cannot halt or skid on moment’s notice; that means that something almost as simple as road debris could indeed end up causing a horrific crash. A major truck accident could happen for many reasons including the factors mentioned below:

  • an overweight cargo load
  • foggy conditions
  • an overtired driver
  • driver error
  • wet or icy roadways
  • Improper loading
  • use of addictions (drugs or alcohol)
  • vehicle damage
  • improperly maintenance of a vehicle

Usually, major truck accidents are caused by the average road conditions due to fog, snow, rain, or ice. Fatal accidents could also occur during the daytime because of less visibility, and more traffic too. Colliding with another vehicle or any vehicle at the blind spot of the truck. Common types of truck accidents include Jackknife accidents, Head-on collisions, Rollover crashes, Blind-spot accidents, Rear-end accidents, T-bone accidents, and Underride crashes.

Every client at Phillips Law Offices comes with a different case for which our lawyers could easily deal with presenting different points of view. Some cases are highly delicate for our personal injury attorneys who know how to closely examine your lawsuit along with the incident involving the injury.

Reasons For Mishappening Truck Accidents And Injuries

Professional truck drivers merely drive aggressively, so it becomes dangerous for the common people to drive, and since they reach blind spots and could not overtake the vehicle within seconds, that leads to major mishappenings. The rate of fatal and truck accidents has gone so high, and there is a great requirement of avoiding car crash accidents.

Rash driving due to drug or alcohol consumption becomes the reason for the severe truck accident, causing serious threats to life. However, most drivers usually bring addiction into use while driving, but considering the heavily loaded truck going at high speed would surely cause fatal accidents and injuries.

Driver fatigue is a problem regardless of the number of rules and regulations in place. When faced with shipping deadlines but also unforeseen delays, it is part of the human condition to push themselves. The truckload companies that employ them could send a wrong signal to their drivers. Truck drivers must take scheduled breaks while driving and nap for a certain number of hours during the day. Regardless of the risks, several more drivers remain behind the wheel even when it is inherently dangerous to be doing so.

Bloomington Truck Accident
Bloomington Truck Accident Lawyer

Long drives can be tiresome, and truck drivers are professionals at multiple tasks. They frequently set GPS coordinates while also actually speaking or text messaging on something like a mobile phone. Consuming alcohol and eating are prevalent activities. It occurs regularly on the highway, as well as in the industry. It all starts to add up to reckless driving and a potentially deadly circumstance, mainly on the road.

Also, the truck drivers and people must be well-acquainted with the areas more prone to occurring accidents.

According to the NHTSA’s report, some data statistics found are given below:

  • ⅓ accidents cause near the intersections
  • Counting 1 out of 5 accidents is caused by distracted driving, lack of driver training, and vehicle running off the road.
  • 1 in 10 accidents happens due to frequent or careless lane changes.
  • 9% of car crashes result from drivers losing control of their vehicle or disturbed weather conditions or a tire-blow out.
  • 10% of accidents occur due to vehicles parked on the road or ceasing in the traffic or disabled on the roadway side.

Compensation Assistance From Truck Injury Lawyers in Bloomington

Compensating for the injuries from the truck accidents could be gained with the help of truck injury lawyers in Bloomington. However, there are several reasons for truck accidents already discussed above, but obtaining compensation assistance for injuries by truck accidents could be only well provided by the Phillips Law Offices. It genuinely depends on the accident severity, impact of the injuries, extent of any damage, or any losses or injuries. The duration of filing a complaint is two years from the event for the lawsuit, else if the case is not filed after two years of the accident then the victim would not lawfully be able to file a lawsuit. Also, if the victim is 18 years below at the time of the car crash, then the duration will be counted as a couple of years from their age.

Insurance policies that a victim could apply considering the truck accident case include General liability, Cargo insurance, Bobtail insurance, Umbrella policies, and Physical damages. After the truck accident, a victim must do certain things listed below:

  • Call 9-1-1
  • Gather Evidence like the truck’s plate number, driver’s name, location, date, and time.
  • Alibi (witness) at the event
  • Take medical assistance from nearby emergency
  • Beware of insurance drivers of trucking companies.

Obtain Help From the Best Truck Injury Attorneys In Bloomington

Talk to our professional and highly – skilled attorneys in Bloomington providing their quality services in accidents and injuries. Contact us, and feel free to share your queries.

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