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Car Accident Lawyer Schaumburg, IL

In the past few years, there have many unfortunate accident events in Schaumburg, Illinois injuring or taking away the lives of residents. Once you face this accident, you will face medical debt and be unable to work or even participate in past interests and activities with family and friends. Injuries of this nature can hurt your health and financial stability both now and in the future. At the Phillips Law Offices, we are aware of this. Our car accident lawyer Schaumburg, Illinois, can guide you on holding negligent parties accountable for the harm they do you and help you obtain the money you need to recover.

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Who is liable for the car accident in Schaumburg?

Illinois uses a fault-based insurance system for vehicle collisions. These rules mandate that auto accident perpetrators cover the losses suffered by their victims. Typical instances of negligent driving include:

  • Not granting the right of way
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit
  • Changing lanes in a risky manner
  • Driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while distracted, such as texting while driving
  • Too close of a follower is referred to as tailgating

You may have a case for a lawsuit or an insurance claim if you are in an accident with a driver driving the car recklessly or in violation of the law. Most auto accident cases start with an insurance claim and, if required, move on to litigation. However, there are rare circumstances where starting a lawsuit is your best advantage. To explore your best course to recovery, contact Phillips Law Offices.

What should you do if you are facing an accident in Schaumburg?

  • You must first remain on the scene. It’s against the law to leave the site of an accident, and steep fines may be involved.
  • To prevent the accident from becoming a traffic jam, try to maneuver the automobile off to the side of the road if you can.
  • Suppose there is an emergency, dial 911. If there are none, call the non-emergency hotline for Schaumburg (847-895-4500) and report the collision.
  • Assess any potential emergencies before gathering any physical evidence that may be present. This will increase your likelihood of winning your Schaumburg auto accident claim.
  • Discuss your legal options with an experienced Schaumburg car accident attorney. We at Phillips Law Offices provide free, no-obligation case consultations.

Steps to Prove Car Accident Claim in Schaumburg

You must demonstrate that the other motorist was at complete fault in an automobile accident to get compensation. An adjuster will investigate your accident and assess what happened during the insurance procedure. To establish your right to compensation, you might have to enter talks and offer supporting documentation, including medical records and testimony from witnesses.

If the adjuster determines that the other party was at fault for the accident, the insurance provider will make you a settlement offer. But, on the other hand, the business could decide to reject your claim.

  • You must establish four essential facts to win your lawsuit.
  • Driver over you the duty of care
  • The motorist failed to act with due care
  • The collision was brought due to the driver’s negligence

Due to the accident, you suffered losses that your case will be able to recover

You will need to acquire evidence, including medical records, witness testimony, security footage, and pictures, to prove these factors. Your attorney will investigate on your behalf and might also speak with professional witnesses who can support your claims, such as accident reconstructionists and medical experts.

Common Injuries you face during car accidents in Schaumburg, IL

Car Accident Lawyer Schaumburg

Get in touch with Phillips Law Offices in Schaumburg for a free, immediate case examination if you or a loved one has experienced any personal injuries because of an automobile accident.

Head Trauma

Head injuries can change a person’s life. The person may lose cognitive and motor function because of brain injury. So it is important for the medical personnel should assess head injuries to rule out any serious problems.

Blown-up Bones

Broken bones can be quite painful because of how violent car collisions are. Get x-rays as soon as possible if you were in a car accident and think you may have fractured any bones.

Psychological Harm

Car accidents can cause damage. They may also result in emotional problems like despair and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Filling of Car Accident Claim Case

Extreme attention to detail is necessary during the civil litigation procedure. It is vital to have an accomplished team of Schaumburg automobile accident attorneys like Phillips Law Office on your side to support you through your legal issues. Do your best to minimize any injuries you may have had to increase your chances of winning a Schaumburg auto accident case. You’ll also need solid proof to back up your allegation. Liability has a significant role in how much a Schaumburg auto accident lawsuit will be worth.

In a Schaumburg auto accident case, personal injury responsibility resulting from negligence is the most typical manner that someone is made liable for the losses of another motorist.

Hire Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Schaumburg to Represent your Claim

If you or someone you love sustains injuries from a car accident, contact our Schaumburg, Illinois, vehicle accident lawyer. For accident victims, the Phillips Law Offices offers initiative-taking legal assistance to help you obtain the financial support you require to recover. After these catastrophes, our team of attorneys is committed to helping her clients reconstruct their lives. In addition, she will stand up for your rights and defend you against insurance companies that might try to reject your claim.

Assuring that you receive the claim compensation is the ultimate objective of any personal injury lawyer. Our legal team at Phillips Law Office has obtained verdicts and settlements effectively. However, if you wait too long to submit a claim, the statute of limitations may impact your settlement. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to serving you, so call us now and get your claim money compensated.

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