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Car Accident Lawyer Decatur- Professional Team to fight for your claim

In Decatur, a car accident can occur at any time and drastically alter your life. If you cannot work, you may suffer from severe injuries, skyrocketing medical costs, and loss of income. You are entitled to financial compensation if another driver’s negligence led to your collision. Phillips Law Office’s skilled attorneys will be at your assistance.

An injury from a car accident can alter your life in various ways, whether you were struck on Highway 78, South McDonough Street, Ponce de Leon Avenue, or while operating a vehicle in a parking lot. Having to deal with insurance providers can be challenging and confusing. As a result, getting compensated could be difficult. Decatur is an emerging town in Georgia.

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The location of Sherman’s Civil War campaign is currently known as Decatur, a forward-thinking and fashionable mixed-use neighborhood. Despite being close to thriving Atlanta and receiving national attention for its economic growth, the community has maintained its small-town atmosphere. This is partly attributable to Decatur’s preservation of historically important structures.

Decatur is facing issues of Car Accidents and Traffic Congestion

Despite being a smaller city than its neighbor Atlanta, Decatur has its distinct traffic issues, particularly in the downtown area. Completing various long-term downtown projects allowed the city to grow, but it also made the streets dangerous for car accidents, especially if drivers don’t drive carefully. Many locals use these suggestions to their advantage. Due to growing construction and the resulting traffic closures, Decatur’s pedestrian-heavy streets continue to be a concern for those who don’t. Car accidents are often in the county seat of DeKalb when packed streets are combined with impatient drivers.

Car Accident Lawyer Decatur- Your Voice to get claim submitted

Your collision may have been caused by a driver who was speeding, distracted, or influenced by alcohol or drugs. Careless drivers frequently contest their guilt and refuse to take responsibility. They might even try to make you look like the culprit.

The truth is that although insurance companies are intended to support you after an accident, they are not on your side. They pay you compensation damages as per their ability to make money since they are in business to make money. Insurance companies will work to give you the least amount of money feasible. They can deny the severity of your wounds or assert that they were already present. This is when you need to hire an expert auto car accident lawyer to help you get your compensation.

Our legal team compiles evidence and meticulously examines police reports and medical data. We locate the witnesses and speak with them. If necessary, we speak with professionals who can explain how the event happened or give us more details regarding the injuries you sustained. Even before becoming a lawyer, one of our attorneys spent more than ten years working in the healthcare industry.

What should you do after a car accident?

Car Accident Decatur
car accident lawyer decatur

Ensure the area is secure before seeking emergency medical help if necessary. The accident report from the police will be an important piece of evidence in your claim, so call and ask attorneys to investigate it. Obtain witnesses’ and other drivers’ names and contact details, and take photos of the site and any apparent injuries. Before speaking with the insurance company, make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible and phone a qualified attorney.

Do you have to let my auto insurance company know?

If you don’t notify your insurance provider immediately after an accident, they can reject your claim. However, keep your remarks concise and avoid pointing out any wrongdoing. Please direct any additional inquiries to your attorney.

Car accident lawyer Decatur- Professionals who care

Phillips Law Offices has obtained good compensation and recovery for clients. While upholding moral principles and striving for greatness. We have developed this reputation because of our dedication to ensuring our customers are happy with our service. Whether lawyers settle your case for what you deserve or you need to go to trial, the team will be by your side throughout the process. We offer contingency legal representation, which means we are only compensated for our legal work once our client obtains their settlement.

Things you need to file a claim

After an automobile accident in Decatur, filing an insurance claim can be a difficult procedure. Speak with Phillips Law Office to learn what is required to make a claim and how much compensation you are entitled to. To effectively file a claim, you must first ensure that you have filed a police report and you have all of the relevant driver information. Philips Law Office will contact a claims consultant from your insurance company. The insurance claims specialist would then ask us to put up a claim based on your damages to the automobile and your injuries.

How long does the legal process take?

The legal process following an automobile accident can normally take months or years if the case goes to trial. Most vehicle accident cases settle before trial, which will probably speed up the legal procedure. The legal process may go on for more than a year if the case is challenging and is appealed during the trial. Phillips Law Offices knows how many people would rather put their accident in the past and continue with their lives.

Contact us to get complete assistance

When you connect with us, our attorneys will file a claim with the insurance companies. It covers any past, present, and future medical costs associated with your injuries, lost pay if you cannot work, and other losses, including pain and suffering. We successfully agree with the insurance provider that satisfies your demands.

Phillips Law Office in Decatur has the knowledge and assets to develop compelling arguments that produce outcomes. Unlike larger law companies, you won’t have a case manager assigned to you here. You will work closely with our special lawyer, representing you throughout the legal process.

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