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Steps to Obtain a Police Report after a Car Accident

One of the most traumatic experiences for anyone would be getting into a motor vehicle accident. There is the factor of shock and recovery and the added pressure of talking to the insurance company. In the latter case, the first thing that the company will demand is a police report regarding the accident. For those who’ve never been in a motor accident before, it can be difficult to find information about how to obtain a car accident police report.

Well, in case a situation like that ever arises, this article will help you out. What you might not realize is that the police report will have the proper information that you might need to properly receive fair compensation for the injuries. Also, it will help answer the most important questions such as what exactly happened and who was at fault.

What Exactly is a Police Report?

The police report can be created by the officer who is investigating the accident scene. It can contain all the important information mentioned below:

  •   The time and date of the accident that has occurred
  •   The exact location where the accident happened including the country and the town
  •   Contact information as well as the details about every single one of the drivers that was involved in the accident
  •   The road conditions as well as the weather at the time of the crash
  •   Any information regarding the vehicles’ passengers
  •   Essential details about the accident along with the vehicles including diagrams of the vehicles’ placement during the accident
  •   A summary of the accident is taken from the statements given by the occupants of the vehicles as well as other witnesses.
  •   The police report also contains information about the injured people in the accident and whether anyone received a citation or not.

How can One Get a Police Report?

A person can make an application to obtain a copy of the police report. They can get the application via mail, online, or in person. There are different rules that the person must follow to submit the application such as the time in between which the application must be submitted. Usually, a crash receipt is provided to the person by the police. That might not be a detailed report but can provide important information such as crash location, date, and information about the other party. In case you have problems with obtaining the police report, an attorney might be able to help you out.

Why is it Important to Get a Police Report?

The accident report from the police contains crucial information about the case. The police take some time to properly investigate the accident, talk to witnesses, inspect the vehicle, and take several photographs during the process. The report will also contain the opinions given by police inspectors about the cause and the faulty person for the crash.

The document is used by the insurance company to get a proper understanding of the case and analyze the damage that is done to the car. Using that information, the company can then determine the person at fault and hence will be able to estimate the proper compensation amount for your claim. That is why it is more than important to obtain the police report as soon as you can. You will have to make sure that all the facts and the statement in the police report are exactly accurate. In case there are some incorrections, you can reach out to the investigating officer and correct those mistakes.

Is It Important to Obtain a Police Report Even If No One is Injured?

What happens when there is an accident, but no one is injured? Do you still need to get a police report in situations like that? Well, the answer to that is a Yes. You will have the police report as proof of the accident. It contains important information that will act as support for your claim. Say the insurance company is fighting the claim and considers your fault in the accident. Well, in that case, the report from the police will be an impartial benefit to your cause.

Hire Record-Setting Car Accident Lawyers Illinois for Your Cause

Without an actual report, you might have some trouble proving your claim. The days following any car accident can be traumatizing. With a car accident police report, you will be one step ahead of the process. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney can help you navigate through the whole procedure and get things done easily. Contact Phillips Law Offices to have a team of car accident lawyers who helps with your claim to the car accident insurance company.

The team will help you in getting the car accident police report, and in getting further assistance.  Call now for a free consultation.

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