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Car Accident Lawyer in Will County, Illinois

Do you know, in Illinois, fatal car accidents cost around 1.5 million dollars? Moreover, property damage due to a car accident costs around $10,000. These numbers define how Illinois and its counties, including Will County, have a negative name regarding traffic and road accidents. More and more people face car collisions or accidents in Will County due to the increasing traffic congestion. Numerous highways crisscross the state of Illinois. The thousands of miles of tarmac stretching across Illinois provide a fertile field for automotive accidents, from interstate roads connecting multiple states to remote Country Roads. Collisions typically occur because of one or more drivers driving recklessly. Our skilled car accident lawyer at will county can help with your car accident claim.

By establishing liability for a car accident, victims can take legal action to seek financial compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost earnings, and other non-economic damages. To receive compensation, connect with a professional car accident lawyer in Will County who understands how multibillion-dollar insurance companies evaluate your case.

What must you do after a Car Accident in Will County?

Car accidents do not happen without prior intimation; you need to know what you should be your step when you face a car accident in Will County. Here are a few things you need to do-

  1. Maintain your presence at the accident scene. You may be charged with a hit-and-run case if you leave the scene. In case, the person gets injured or killed in the crash, and you leave the scene, you could face criminal charges and harsh consequences.
  2. Check on the other people involved in the collision if your physical condition allows it. Call 911 if someone requires medical assistance. If a person displays back or neck pain, do not move them unless there is a hazard that puts them at immediate risk.
  3. Call the cops, and they will dispatch someone to the draught and file a police report.  You will require this report later when you make your insurance claim. If possible, speak with witnesses about what they saw and obtain their names and contact information so that your lawyer can later speak with them about what happened and use their testimonies to create your compensation case.
  4. Call your insurance company and explain the incident in detail. Cooperate and be truthful; otherwise, they may refuse your claim afterward. The best is to contact a car accident lawyer. Some personal injury legal companies provide complimentary initial consultations.

How is Fault Determined in Car Accidents in Will County, Illinois?

Car accident
Car Accident Lawyer at will county

There are several factors considered when it comes to car accident legal cases. Some of these are-

One Party ends up Violating Traffic Law

Traffic rules differ from one state to other. A lawyer can investigate the events leading up to your vehicle accident and determine whether anyone violated the road rules. Many laws are consistent throughout jurisdictions, and you can tell whether someone is breaking them. Some examples are running a stop sign or red light, exceeding the speed limit, or driving drunk.

Rear-End Collisions

Although this is not always the case, the rear motorist is frequently at blame in rear-end incidents. The rule of leaving several vehicle lengths between a driver and the car in front is supported by most legislation. This space allows the back driver plenty of time to react to the lead driver’s quick braking or stopping. However, if the lead driver fails to retain brake lights, leaving the rear driver with no warning of a stop or brake, insurers may hold the lead driver partially responsible.

Police Accident Report

Any traffic offenses prior to the accident and the officer’s assessment of what caused the crash will be officially noted in the officer’s report. Police report significantly influences an insurer’s estimate of fault. If the cops do not arrive, contact the nearest police station to have someone dispatched. Check the report for any inconsistencies.

How will your Will County Car Accident Lawyer help you in a Car Accident Claim?

Following a car accident, you will need to gather evidence for your car accident claim, address your injuries, and appeal your rights to compensation. If you suffer from a lot of stress and discomfort from the collision, this can be a lot to handle.

Car accident attorneys at Phillip Law Offices, Will County, can assist you in making the process go more smoothly so you can focus on healing and recovering from your injuries. Steps the attorney would follow-


From collecting police reports to interviewing witnesses and analyzing medical records, the attorney would conduct these steps.

Insurance Claims

The attorney will analyze your losses from medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other damages to obtain the reasonable financial compensation you deserve.


Your car accident lawyer at will county works on your behalf to obtain the highest possible reimbursement package from the insurance company and to combat unethical practices.

You Are Represented

Although it is unusual, if your case must be heard in court, the attorney will be there to represent you and preserve your rights. The attorney will also assist you in your physical, mental, and financial recovery.

Are you Eligible to Sue for a Minor Car Accident in Will County, Illinois?

Will County Car Accident Lawyer
Will County Car Accident Lawyer

Even if the accident is small, you can sue the at-fault party. Accidents, on the other hand, usually result in lawsuits only when at least one party has physical injuries. The insurance company either denies a third-party claim or refuses to agree to a fair payment.

After a minor car accident, you can submit a third-party claim against the at-fault party’s insurance coverage. However, if you only incurred minor injuries that heal in a day or two, or if the incident caused only property damage, you may choose to resolve the matter directly with the other driver and the insurance companies without the assistance of an attorney.

Hire an Experienced Will County Car Accident Lawyer

You should not be held liable for medical expenditures, lost earnings, and other damages if you are not at fault for your accident. Justice mandates that you get the compensation, but the legal process can be frightening for people with little to no experience.

Phillips Law Offices have professional car accident lawyers ready to fight for your rights. Attorneys offer all clients a free introductory consultation to evaluate to help with their claims. Contact us now for your assistance.

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