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Personal Injury

Should I accept a settlement offer in my Illinois nursing home abuse case?

Many Illinois nursing home abuse cases are settled outside of the courtroom. However, whether you should settle depends on the...
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Can a passenger recover damages for accident injuries caused by a driver of the same car?

If you’ve received injuries from a car accident in which you were a passenger, you may be wondering whether you’re...
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What Should I Know Before Filing a FELA Lawsuit in Chicago?

Before the development of automobiles and airplanes, railroads were used to transport Americans and their goods – and helped connect...
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When Can A Landlord Be Held Liable For Tenant Personal Injuries?

If you are a landlord in the state of Illinois – or anywhere else – one of your priorities must...
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Who’s at Fault in a Slip & Fall Injury in Chicago

Among the most often disregarded accidents, slip and falls are premises liability accidents that can cause serious injuries that can...
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Can a Personal Injury Claim Be Reopened?

Most injured people often have their medical condition stabilized by the time they receive a personal injury settlement or court...
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