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Personal Injury

11Creosote Exposure Attorneys in Chicago

Creosote Exposure Attorneys in Chicago

There are many laborers in Chicago and around where they come in contact with harmful chemicals during their job work. One such harmful chemical is Creosote which can be life-threatening if not treated. For victims facing creosote exposure, Phillips Law...
11What Is the Collateral Source Rule

What Is the Collateral Source Rule in a Personal Injury Claim?

The collateral source rule is a state law that favors the plaintiff in a personal injury case. It prevents the amount already recovered from a third party from being deducted from damages awarded for injury, illness, or disability. Some criticize...
11Rockford Personal Injury Lawsuit

Rockford Personal Injury Lawyer in IL

Rockford is an Illinois city in Winnebago County, US. Though Rockford has the charm of a small town, it has the cultural and natural attractions of a large metropolis. It is a popular choice for families with children and retirees...
11Evanston personal injury lawyer

Evanston personal injury lawyer

Personal injury law allows a victim to file a civil lawsuit and obtain compensation for the losses incurred in an accident. The goal is to compensate individuals who have suffered physical, psychological, or emotional harm by the negligent action of...
11What Kind of Cases do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Types of Cases Handled by Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury attorney can be the best thing to happen to you on one of the worst days of your life. A personal injury lawyer provides legal advice and representation to people who have suffered a physical or psychological...
11Difference Between Personal Injury & Bodily Injury

Difference Between Personal Injury & Bodily Injury

Many people that have been involved in an accident are left wondering what the difference is between “personal injury” and “bodily injury.” While they may sound very similar, there is, in fact, a difference between the two. They both refer...
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Phillips Law Offices secures a $900,000 settlement for husband and wife who were injured in a car collision on Interstate 57 in Central Illinois

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