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Stephen D. Phillips

Personal injury attorney Stephen D. Phillips has obtained multi-million-dollar verdicts or settlements for a long list of clients in a considerable number of automobile, medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury cases.

How can hiring a birth injury Attorney help me and my child?

 If your child is injured at birth a lawyer can help that child make sure they have all the...
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How do I know if my child’s birth injury was caused by the doctors?

 If you believe your child’s birth injury was caused by the doctors hire a lawyer to order your records...
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What legal action should I take if I suspect my child was injured during birth?

 If you suspect your child was injured during birth you should hire a lawyer to investigate the claim we...
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Common Causes of Birth Injuries

 The most common causes of birth injuries depend upon the injury itself. For example if a doctor pulls too...
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Can I get fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim in a personal injury case?

 You cannot get fired as the result of filing a workers compensation claim illinois is strong on that issue....
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Can I file a lawsuit against persons or entities that caused my injury even if I am collecting worker’s compensation benefits?

 Yes, if you’re injured and you collect workers’ compensation benefits you can also file a lawsuit against the person...
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