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Stephen D. Phillips

Personal injury attorney Stephen D. Phillips has obtained multi-million-dollar verdicts or settlements for a long list of clients in a considerable number of automobile, medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury cases.

Can I sue if a pharmaceutical drug I took causes negative side effects?

Pharmaceutical products and drug cases, we have to look very carefully at those because it’s inevitable that many drugs are...
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What kinds of compensation can I ask for in my defective product liability claim?

 The elements of damage in a defective product liability claim are past and future medical bills, past and future...
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How do I prove that I was a victim of a defective product in case of personal injury?

 With regard to proving a defective product claim the first thing a qualified lawyer does is take possession and...
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Who is liable if I am injured or damaged by defective product?

 The law allows a claim to be made against the manufacturer designer or the component part manufacturers and distributors...
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What are the examples of different kinds of defective product liability claims?

 Defective product liability Claims can range from Industrial Products in factories to Consumer products used by the public in...
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What is a defective product liability claim?

A defective product liability claim is that we bring a claim against the manufacturer, distributor, or component part manufacturer for...
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