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Stephen J. Phillips

As a third-generation trial lawyer in the Phillips family, Stephen knows well the importance of protecting the rights of those who have been wronged by powerful corporations and by negligent individuals. His commitment to helping the injured and their families is instantly recognizable.

What Should I Do If An Insurance Adjuster Contacts Me After The Personal Injury Case?

If an insurance adjuster calls you it’s typically not something that’s going to benefit you what they are doing in...
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After My Car Accident, Should I Call My Insurance Company?

Yes, oftentimes insurance contracts have requirements that after an injury or after a car accident the injured person contacts the...
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What should I do in Chicago if I am involved in a hit-and-run car accident?

If you’re the victim of a hit and run the first and most important thing to do is to get...
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What If The Person Who Was Driving The Other Car That Hit Me Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If the driver who caused the car accident doesn’t have insurance that’s okay most people in Illinois have what’s called...
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Should I contact the police if I’m in a car accident?

Whether or not to call the police when you’re involved in an automobile accident is a decision that you’re going...
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What Determines Who Is To Blame For A Car Accident?

In an automobile case or car crash case or trucking case a jury determines the amount of fault or the...
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