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Terrence M. Quinn

Terrence M. Quinn is a partner at Phillips Law Offices who dedicates himself to fighting for his clients’ rights to fair compensation for serious and catastrophic injuries caused by another’s fault.

What would I be able to receive compensation for in a personal injury case?

 In Illinois, the law allows for a broad range of damages in personal injury cases. On one hand, there...
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What Legal Steps Should I Take f I have been injured at work?

 The very first thing you should do is to immediately report your work-related injury, that way your employer can’t...
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Can I get fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim in a personal injury case?

 No, that would be against the law and your employer should know it. The Illinois personal injury law firm of Phillips Law...
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Do I sue the doctor or the hospital if I’ve been a victim of medical malpractice?

 Typically you can sue both. Both a hospital and a doctor for the negligence of a doctor based on...
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What if I can’t afford medical malpractice attorney?

 Phillips law offices will never charge you upfront to investigate the file or prosecute a medical malpractice case. We...
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Phillips Law Offices obtained a record 9.6-million-dollar settlement for a one-arm amputation injury

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