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Wrongful Death

What Is The Illinois Survival Act?

Most people have a rather general idea of what a wrongful death lawsuit is. Wrongful death in Illinois is a...
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Can An Expert Witness Help With My Chicago Wrongful Death Claim?

In the state of Illinois, if you’ve lost a loved one because of another person’s negligence – in a traffic...
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$5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Phillips Law Offices Announces it Has Obtained a 5-Million-Dollar Wrongful Death Settlement on Behalf of the Family of a Beloved...
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What is Loss of Consortium Worth?

“Loss of consortium” is a legal claim for damages suffered by the spouse or another immediate relative of a person...
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The Most Infamous Wrongful Death Cases

When someone is accused of contributing to the death of someone through their negligent actions, they may face two different...
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Phillips Law Offices’ Verdict Selected As One Of The Top 100 Verdicts Of 2015

In 2010, when Phillip Amsden stopped to change a tire for another trucker on I-65 in Indiana, an intoxicated driver...
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Phillips Law Offices obtained a record 9.6-million-dollar settlement for a one-arm amputation injury

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