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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

11Chicago Bed Sores Lawyer

Chicago Nursing Home Bed Sores Lawyer

If you or a loved one has experienced bed sores in a Chicago nursing home, you may need legal help. Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, can be serious and are often a sign of neglect. A Chicago nursing...
11Involuntary Seclusion In Nursing Home

What is Involuntary Seclusion?

Involuntary seclusion is when someone is kept away from others against their will. It means they’re isolated or separated from people or activities they want to be part of. For example, imagine if you were living in a nursing home...
113 fatalities at edgewater senior living building

3 Fatalities Uncovered at Edgewater Senior Housing in Chicago; Ongoing Investigations Launched

A shocking event has took place on September 29,2023.Officials have reported that three individuals were discovered lifeless after being found in an unconscious state at the Edgewater neighborhood’s Judge Fisher Apartments a known senior housing located at 5821 North Broadway...
11Physical Restraints in Nursing Homes

Types of Physical Restraints in Nursing Homes

In nursing homes or long-term care settings, physical restraints refer to any devices, equipment, or methods that restrict an elderly resident’s movement or ability to freely engage in their daily activities. These restraints are used with the intention of preventing...
11Nursing home abuse Statute of Limitations

Nursing home abuse Statute of Limitations in Illinois

The statute of limitations for nursing home abuse in Illinois is two years from the occurrence of the injury. This deadline is meant to protect both the victim and the nursing home. For victims, this two-year window provides plenty of...
11nursing home infections

Nursing Home Infections Lawyer

Nursing home patients who are elderly carry weak immune systems or other health issues that make them more prone to infections. This does not absolve a nursing home from maintaining reasonable, if not enhanced, standards of care to ensure that...
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