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In a perfect world, everyone would drive safely and without causing harm to others. In a less ideal society than ours, those who damage others would accept responsibility for their actions, and their insurance company would compensate them fairly without you having to battle for it. Unfortunately, in the real world, careless drivers usually do not want to accept responsibility for harming you, and their insurance companies will do anything to reduce your settlement. At that point, Phillips Law Office comes into the act and talks to their Gurnee car accident attorney.

Gurnee residents know that their town is much more than just amusement parks and shopping centers. It is a thriving neighborhood where people live, work, and raise their families. However, Gurnee residents keep facing issues of reckless driving and car accident cases. If you are among those facing a similar problem, we at Phillips Law Office offer complete assistance. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced and understand why you need help, especially to get total compensation from the insurance company.

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What to do after a car accident?

You will be in shock right after a swift and unexpected encounter. For example, as a victim of an automobile accident, you can be disoriented and anxious about your passengers or the people in the other car; you might also have suffered significant injuries.

During such a situation, it may be challenging to remember where the accident happened and to take the appropriate actions to safeguard your rights and health. You can be more prepared for an accident by having a checklist in your glove box or being aware of what needs to be done in advance. When you are facing a car accident, here are a few things you need to do-

  • Get off the road- As close to the incident as possible, get your automobile off the road and away from traffic. Switch on your warning lights. This will give you time to assess the situation and steer clear of any new traffic hazards.
  • Calling 911- It is essential if you want to report the incident and ensure that both the police and medical help are on the way. Inform the authorities of the location, your name, address, driver’s license number, and any injuries that may have occurred.
  • Get Medical Attention- After an accident, it’s crucial to get medical care, even if you don’t think you were wounded. Some injuries take hours, days, or weeks to manifest symptoms. So if emergency personnel advise you to visit the ER, do what they say and pay attention to what they say.
  • Exchange Information- Despite frazzled nerves and possible ill feelings between you and the other motorist immediately following the collision, you must exchange names, contact details, and insurance information with the other driver.
  • Contact your auto insurance provider- Report to the insurance provider by phone and report the collision. However, under no circumstances should you accept responsibility for the accident or make any settlement agreement with the insurance provider without consulting a car accident attorney. Only settle for the claim from the insurance provider after consulting a car accident attorney.
  • Speak with a Gurnee car accident attorney- Getting legal counsel is one of the most crucial things you can do following a car accident, even if you aren’t considering filing a lawsuit or suing the at-fault driver for damages. However, you may also be scared by the thought of doing so.

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You can discover more about your options, rights, and what to do next by speaking with a Gurnee car accident attorney at Phillips Law Office. There are enough reasons to contact a lawyer as soon as possible for legal counsel because most injury/accident attorneys provide free initial consultations.

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For no reason should you bear the financial, physical, and psychological burdens caused by someone else’s poor decisions and reckless deeds. Fortunately, there is a legal path to compensation, but there is only one chance to do it. Put your trust in Phillips Law Office, Gurnee, Illinois, a car accident attorney who has successfully handled challenging situations.

Phillips Law Offices aggressively pursues lawsuits, letting insurance companies know we won’t accept anything less than a full financial recovery. In addition, since insurance companies are aware of the process we follow to obtain the claim for our Gurnee, Illinois clients and see them restored to health, they ensure smooth functioning. So, Contact us now!

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