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Naperville, IL Car Accident Lawyer

Interstate 90/Interstate 94, which includes the I-90 Circle Interchange, are two of the four US national highway networks facing traffic congestion in the Chicagoland region. Some of the most serious auto accidents frequently result from these traffic congestion issues. Naperville, IL, is one region facing regular car accident cases. Only a portion of the issue is caused by the frustration of snarling in traffic for hours. The dangerous behavior of reckless drivers in Naperville results in delays for frustrated motorists.

But not all fatal accidents occur in “start and stop” traffic. To make it home or to work on time, motorists frequently exceed the speed restrictions on highways and minor streets.

As a result, reckless driving frequently targets innocent victims, inflicting them with serious wounds. Many Naperville traffic accidents result in serious injuries and fatalities in the heavily populated districts, from the city center to its outer suburbs.

According to the reports collected by Phillips Law Office, in 2021, there were around 1876 car accident lawyer in Naperville. Many of these crashes happen due to reckless driving. The loss, however, is faced by victims and their families. Hiring Phillips Law Offices, the leading car accident lawyer, will help you overcome the insurance company’s compensation hassle.

Filling Insurance Claim to get Maximum Compensation for Injury in Naperville

Many questions arise after being involved in an Illinois vehicle accident, including who is to blame, who will cover your losses, and whether you will be compensated for missed wages. To reduce their financial outlay, claims adjusters working for insurance firms frequently try to settle car accident cases rapidly.

The insurance company can sidestep much of the legal process, including a personal injury attorney who might provide their client with more legal choices to get significant compensation by making a speedy vehicle accident settlement offer.

How do Negligence Laws Work in Illinois?

The approach used in Illinois is a modified form of comparative negligence. This means whoever is judged to be at fault for an accident is also liable for compensating the other parties. You could seek reimbursement for 70% of your accident-related damages, for instance, if you were found to be 30% at blame for an accident and the other party was 70% at fault. It is usually only applicable if you are only partially to blame for the accident.

Phillips Law Office has years of combined experience in auto accident litigation. We will support you in overcoming all obstacles!

Benefits of Hiring a car accident lawyer in Naperville

An experienced lawyer would use tort law to settle a case, ensuring that vehicle accident victims are fairly compensated for their losses in terms of physical harm and other damages.

Automobile accident attorneys at Phillips Law Offices can represent the injured party in court and deal directly with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. Lawyers for auto accidents in Naperville defend their clients’ legal rights whether they settle the matter out of court or go to trial.

To ensure the accident settlement is reasonable and correct, Naperville, Illinois, car accident attorneys frequently communicate directly with the defendant’s insurance provider or claims adjuster or engage experts to reconstruct the crash scene.

Professional car accident attorneys will handle the insurance company, ensuring you get what you deserve. Your car accident lawyer in Naperville will carefully go through the details of your case to decide how much to pursue. Your lawyer will submit a counteroffer if your initial offer needs to be increased to ensure you are appropriately paid.

Phillips Law Office- Your Ultimate Car Accident Attorney

Although we encourage you to contact our attorneys as soon as possible if you were involved in a car accident in Naperville, the law only gives you a certain period from the date of the accident to file a claim for damages. We at Phillips Law Office want you to experience justice and taking early action will support the justice you seek. Even if you are in a hospital bed, we will reach you and assist you. So, call us now and get the compensation you deserve.

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