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Men or Women Who Faces Car Accidents More?

According to one report, in 2022, there was a massive jump of 7%, with around 9500 deaths due to car crashes in Illinois. In the first quarter of 2022, there were around 280 traffic fatalities, and the number is growing sharply. This is due to the congestion on the road and the increasing population in the county. However, recently, there has been more debate about who faces car accidents more- Men or Women? Males are more likely than women to drive, but there is a persistent prejudice that women are “poor drivers.”

All of this may lead to occasionally passionate disagreements. Every year, the US witnesses a million car accidents resulting in injuries; driving is a daily activity that needs to be treated seriously. It could be helpful to know which gender is more likely to be in accidents and the causes.

At Phillips Law Office, our personal injury attorneys have expertise in managing all kinds of vehicle accident situations. Our attorneys are committed to defending the legal rights of anyone hurt in careless driving-related auto accidents.

Men or Women, Who Faces Car Accidents More?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety data, men die in auto accidents at a much higher rate than women. Men comprised 71% of the casualties during a year, while women comprised 29%. Below are the reasons behind the same-

  • Males engage in dangerous driving – They are less likely to use seatbelts and engage in drunk driving. Following such activities can lead to severe car accidents, such impairment can result in accidents, and men are likelier to die in accidents without seatbelts.
  • Males Travel by Car, More Than Women – Males have greater driving experience than women since they travel more kilometers. Since there is a high chance that men drive more often than women, it also means that they are responsible for more accidents.
  • Males are fast drivers than Women – The likelihood of being in an accident increases as you drive more quickly. It is particularly true for younger males since those under 34 had nearly twice the risk of dying in car accidents.

Although there is a sharp downfall in car accidents in Illinois and Chicago, research shows that the number of fatal collisions involving women has increased in recent years. Researchers questioned whether women had started driving more recklessly, but they discovered that women were more likely to sustain injuries in situations even though men and women wear seatbelts.

Driving under the Influence

Alcohol impairment makes driving extremely risky and increases the likelihood of fatal crashes. These terrible situations can potentially leave those involved seriously hurt or dead.

Both men and women can drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, there is a higher case of men falling under this category, and men fall under the top list of causes of accidents under the influence. Women have started to drive while intoxicated more frequently in recent years, but this huge gender gap demonstrates that women are more cautious about avoiding doing so.

Who drives more while Drowsy- Men or Women?

One study found that people who don’t get enough sleep at night have a higher likelihood of being involved in a car accident. Less than four hours of sleep makes people 11.5 times meet with the collision. These studies indicate that driving while tired can be significantly riskier than driving while intoxicated, and men’s drivers top the list than female drivers to drive while fatigued.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that men are almost twice as likely as women to report dozing off behind the wheel. If you are a male driver facing an accident due to some reasons, seeking legal help to overcome the problem will work. Our injury attorney team will help you get the legal rights to claim a settlement from a third party.

Who speed drives the most- Men or Women?

who faces car accidents more
who faces car accidents more?

According to statistics, male drivers are more likely to drive at high-speed limits than female drivers. Younger drivers are more likely to speed than older drivers, which is also influenced by age.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 31% of drivers in fatal car accidents in 2019 were males between the ages of 15-20. 17% of those involved in these deadly accidents were women in the same age group. The older people get, the less both men and women speed. However, as awareness increases, the fatality rate is quite decreasing.

Who gets hurt the most in Car accident- Men or Women?

Although women are safe drivers, they are more likely to get involved in car accidents. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that women are significantly more likely to suffer injuries in an automobile accident. This may be partly true because men operate bigger automobiles than women.

According to a BMJ Injury Prevention study, driving buses and trucks account for the majority of accident fatalities per mile. Historically, males have a higher rate of facing fatal accidents than females, and the disparity between male and female drivers who die in accidents has only narrowed recently.

Reasons behind Gender Difference in Accident Rates

Men are more likely than women to cause accidents for various reasons. Men are more likely to be in accidents because they log more kilometers on the road annually. Men are likely to participate in risky driving behaviors, including driving while intoxicated, not wearing a seat belt, and exceeding posted speed limits.

Data from the National Sleep Foundation shows that men are also significantly more likely to operate a vehicle in a fatigued state. Data acquired by the organization about sleepy driving shows that 56% of men and 45% of women admitted to driving while drowsy. In addition to being typically shorter than men, women may have difficulty spotting oncoming vehicles when making turns due to visual obstructions.

In high cases where girls are found using their cell phones while driving, the gender disparity has been decreasing. According to research by the Insurance Journal, women of all ages are far more likely than men to use their cell phones while driving.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer to get assistance in Car accidents in Illinois.

Males are worse drivers, yet statistics on driving demonstrate that both male and female drivers put themselves and others in danger daily on our highways. There is a high risk for pedestrians and drivers due to careless driving.

Overall, women are safer drivers than men, but they must also pay closer attention and avoid distractions. According to data, the proportion of women engaging in unsafe driving increases yearly. I hope you get the answer to your question that who faces car accidents more – men or women?

Have you or any family members ever been hurt in a severe car accident brought on by someone else’s negligence? Our skilled personal injury attorneys Chicago at Phillips law offices know the contributing elements to various vehicle accident types.

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