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Bloomington Car Accident Attorney

When you visit Crossroads in Bloomington, you will find bumper-to-bumper traffic that will be enough to show how congested the city has become. This also brings to the notice that there has been an increase in car accident cases. Recently, there have been increasing cases of car accidents in Bloomington, which also invites the demand for car accident attorneys. Each year, cases of car accidents in Bloomington are increasing. There are several other injury situations, whether the injuries are minor, serious, or severe, for every traffic fatality.

We at Phillips Law Office are conveniently available with our experienced advocate for Bloomington locals who have been hurt in traffic accidents and individuals from other locations who have been hurt in Bloomington. We serve clients in different nearby towns of Bloomington, making us the most preferred option.

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When you meet with an accident, there is a high chance of meeting expenses and losses. Many consumers think their health or auto insurance will cover any costs incurred due to a car accident. Auto insurance providers, however, make a concerted effort to avoid disbursing benefits.

In the days, weeks, and months following a car accident, bills can quickly increase, which can be a nasty surprise to the victim and the family. Cost includes-

  • Ambulance costs
  • Treatment for medical emergencies.
  • Regular medical attention.
  • Therapy

When should you file a car accident case in Bloomington?

When you can file a car accident in Bloomington depends on the rules set in the town. There are multiple things to consider when it comes to filing a car accident case-

  • At least $4,000 in medical expenses
  • 60 days minimum of lasting harm or permanent disfigurement

Your attorney must prove that the car’s driver is liable to pay for the damage that happened to you. A Bloomington automobile accident attorney will need to prove that the four negligence standards apply to your case to evaluate if you have a strong claim. These are-

Duty of Care

Our experienced attorney will work on determining to what extent the negligent person owed you a duty of care. A duty of care is a legal need to act reasonably to protect both you and others. For instance, drivers must adhere to speed regulations because doing otherwise could lead to a collision.

Breach of Duty of Care

If the negligent party fails to act to help you after the accident, there is a high chance of filing the case. For instance, a driver has violated their duty of care if they cause an accident while impaired by drinking or drugs.


When you meet a car accident, it is important to hold some proof that the at-fault party’s negligence resulted in monetary or non-financial losses. Damages from an automobile accident may include pain and suffering, damage to your vehicle, medical costs, etc.

What Should I Do If I Meet with a Car Accident in Bloomington?

Bloomington Car Accident Attorney
Bloomington Car Accident Attorney

Once you meet with a car accident in Bloomington, you need to follow certain things that will help in getting things under control-

  • Firstly, you need to connect with healthcare operators to get medical assistance. Stay away from the accident area until help arrives.
  • If there is any injury involved, you should notify the insurance agent about the mishap immediately. Keep in mind that insurance companies work for themselves. Their objective is to reduce any claims payments. Without seeking legal counsel from an attorney, you should never confess fault or offer a record to the insurance company about the accident.
  • Receive all the medical attention you require to recover. Don’t let concern over expenses or a lack of clarity on payment obligations prevent you from receiving the appropriate assessment and care.
  • Maintain a record of every service provider you interact with, so your lawyer can check your financial losses. This includes doctors, hospitals, and ambulance services.
  • Make a record of all the additional financial losses you suffered due to the injury, including lost wages or income and costs for activities you would typically perform on your own but are now unable to, such as pet and household care and cleaning. Keep track of the costs for car rentals and the bills for the damaged car repair.

One of the common errors people usually make is billing all medical care to the other party’s insurance company. It is advisable to have your primary insurer, your health insurance, charge them directly. Your medical expenses will typically be better recovered as a result of this.

What to do if the insurance company calls you?

After the collision, the at-fault motorist’s insurance company may contact you. The individual you speak with can claim that all they want is to sort things out and tries to appear on your side.

They do this because they’re looking for a means to either reject your claim or provide you considerably less compensation than you might be entitled to. They could encourage accident victims to give a recorded statement in the hopes that the victim will downplay their injuries or accept some level of responsibility for the collision.

As mentioned above, it is best to avoid any calls from the insurance company but connect with the car accident attorney in Bloomington. You must also decline to provide any recorded statement until you can consult an attorney.

Our Bloomington car accident lawyers at Phillips Law Office will help you with the statement that can serve as a strong claim.

Calling Phillips Law Office for Car Accident Case in Bloomington

You probably feel traumatized and overburdened if you were hurt in a car accident. The situation remains critical unless you get hospitalized for recovery and also get assistance for an accident damage claim. Fortunately, you won’t have to go through this procedure by yourself.

If you hire a Bloomington automobile accident attorney, Phillips Law Office, you may rest easy knowing our experienced advocate will fight on your behalf. Our legal staff is knowledgeable about the law and has previous experience negotiating with insurance providers. To thoroughly assess your damages, establish your case, present your claim, and have it decided in your favor, we will work on collecting the evidence, establishing liability, and gathering all the supporting documentation.

Phillips Law Office can investigate the accident on your behalf, deal with insurance company inquiries, and negotiate the claim process. We have been doing this for years and have handled cases successfully. We can discuss your case during a 100 percent free, no-obligation consultation.

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