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Chicago Attorney Warns of Potential Dangers on Black Friday

Tips to stay healthy and unharmed on Black Friday Shopping 2020

  • Shop online. With Covid spiking all throughout the country, stores now more than ever are willing to do online sales that are just as good as what you would get on Black Friday 2020.


  • Shop in advance. Supply chains can get very disrupted by Covid—something anyone who shopped for toilet paper recently can attest to. If deals are available now, whether in person or online, take advantage. The last thing you want to do, especially during a pandemic, is to be rifling through a sales bin or having something with limited supply being ripped from your arms and potentially causing an arm or shoulder injury.


  • Avoid the stampede. Everyone has seen those videos of hundreds of people rushing into a store immediately when it opens. Every year, people are seriously injured by this when they either fall or are pushed to the ground. This tip is especially important this year, as Covid is known to spread when in closer proximity to people.
Black Friday Stampede Courtesy NY Daily News
Black Friday Stampede Courtesy NY Daily News
  • Try curbside pickup. Many big-box retailers have been hurt financially during Covid, and as such, they are offering more ways for you to make purchases. If you need an item quicker than it could be shipped to you, try seeing if the store offers curbside pickup. You can avoid the stampede and franticness of black Friday while getting your item in a safe, socially distanced, and timely manner.


  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings. If you must shop in person, be sure to be as socially distanced as possible from fellow shoppers. Do not let your guard down in the parking lot, either. Robbers will see a distracted person carrying many bags of items and use that as an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting shoppers, causing not only emotional but potentially physical harm as well.

“No sale is more important than your health. Please exercise proper caution on this unique Black Friday.” – Stephen Phillips, Personal Injury Attorney at Phillilps Law Offices

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